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My Bit For the Pseudo-Holiday

When I was growing up, each year the heart association would have a fundraiser called "Cardiac Arrest". People would pay to have co-workers, managers, prominent politicians, etc, arrested for crimes usually related to heart attacks (eating too many cheeseburgers, causing employees to have them, and so on). They weren't allowed to be anything malicious, and they would be driven to the police station, arraigned, and bail would be set. People could contribute either to get them out or to keep them in. It was chronicled on the radio and my dad, being a cop, was one of those who went out tracking down the ne'er-do-wells.

I had mostly forgotten about it until recently, when I went to the rental office and saw a mug shot of Toby (the manager) looking as menacing as she could. It turns out this version is more elaborate, lasting at least a month, and benefits muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis, I believe. It isn't called Cardiac Arrest, of course, but it works on the same principle; bail was set at something like $10,000 and residents can pay to get her out. Ned, the assistant manager, runs a campaign to keep her in. It's an annual thing they do, and it's yet another reason I love the apartment folks.

Anyway, I donated a few weeks ago to keep Toby in a while back. My decision was somewhat capricious; it happened that Ned was in the office when I went over so I contributed to his cause. Had it been Toby, I would have donated to get her out. Today when I went over to the office to pay rent, both Ned and Toby were there. I handed Toby the check and said "I'm contributing this to keep you in jail". Ned, who couldn't see the amount, was grinning like a Cheshire Cat until Toby said "Or maybe you're just paying rent?" Ned awwed.

So, not much of a joke, but at least it was good for a laugh from the office folk.
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