Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Final Call

The Gem and Mineral Show has been truly incredible. They have everything from raw rocks to crystals to tumbled/polished stones to calibrated gemstones to finished jewelry. The last day is tomorrow, Sunday for the Merkans, Monday for the Australians. If any of you would like me to look for/get anything for you, please tell me what kind (amethyst, pyrite, topaz, etc) what condition (rough, crystal, polished, gemstone, earrings) and an upper price limit.

One place actually sells tiny bottles with some thick liquid and real gold flakes for $3.00. It's a very small bottle.

Tomorrow I'll hopefully be dragging echoweaver and maybe even callicrates along. If anyone else in the ABQ area would like to tag along, please let me know by 10:00. I'm not sure what time echoweaver wants to get there, but it can't be until 10:00 since that's when the show starts. Once the whole thing is done I'll be writing up an appropriately poingy summary in my ferretshock journal.
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