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Background: Today when Andy went back to the bank to get our latest statement notarized, stamped, signed in blood, etc, I walked over to Active Imagination, the local family-owned gives-back-to-the-community type of game shop. While there I went through a bunch of loose dice and found three pairs of d6es. Since GURPS uses d6 exclusively and since he's the GM, I decided to get the lot for him. We brought them home and he put them on the table. As I was leaving for Kitty City I noticed one was missing, but couldn't find it. When I got home and set the table I discovered that none of them were left, though I quickly found two. It turned out Andy had three of the others, leaving a clear d6 missing.

After a fruitless search including running a ruler under the refrigerator, Andy opted for some more alone time and went upstairs. I decided to pull the couch out.

  • Some random stuff I couldn't identify
  • Loose change -- those little darlings are hiding money we could be putting toward our house down payment!
  • Countless assorted bottle caps
  • Three of our really good black ball-point pens
  • Three double-A batteries, one of them rechargeable
  • Two Sharpie permanent markers, one each of black and purple
  • Two empty APS film containers
  • Two tubes of Chapstick
  • Two 10mm d6es with pips, the kind you might get with a board game
  • Two suction cups which began their life holding up Christmas lights upstairs in the spare bedroom
  • A blue Expo dry erase marker
  • A blue highlighter pen
  • A random black pen
  • A pencil sharpener
  • A black Lego® brick
  • An empty case from blood sugar test strips
  • A little gray mousie toy we had given them earlier in the week
  • A glass heart marble made by Cuneo Furnace which I gave to Andy as a welcome home gift a while back
  • A green d20
  • A red d12

And, when I had just about given up hope

  • Heidi playing with the clear d6 in the area where the couch had once been

These things were all basically in the very middle area of the couch, as if kitty paws and arms which are thinner than our clumsy hands had pushed them in. I leave as an exercise for the reader whether they were trying to get the stuff out or push it further in. I have yet to find Heidi's real battery graveyard, though.
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