Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Quick Update

We went and looked at furniture. They still have the same couch we do, still only in one color. They also had a sectional made from the same material and color as our current one. My big thing for our great/living room is that from now on I want to be able to have another couple over and have enough permanent-like seats for all of us. The sectional probably would do nicely. We also saw a recliner couch/love seat/comfy chair set which came in the same color as ours or more of a whitish. We're not going to buy now, however.

Mom always told me that brown and gray don't go together. Our house is blues, grays, and whites and our couch is cocoa-colored. We figure, though, that we can decide if it all goes after we've moved and seen how the couch works with the carpet and wall colors. Andy said he thought it would, and I told him about Mom's brown/gray thing. It is a running joke that neither Andy nor I are good choices when trying to figure out if things go well together. So I idly wondered if we knew any gay guys who were local...
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