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A Shining Beacon in the Night

I've been seeing so much crap recently which has been depressing the heck out of me. I realize it's the backlash which was going to come the minute anyone tried to make it seem as if a good number of my dearest friends had the right to be themselves and be happy about it. I sat in paralysis for a week wanting to write a whole string of philosophical views on marriage, religion, sexuality, etc but instead worked on finding insurance and appliances for the soon-to-be house. Then, today, someone posted in one of the Homo/Het groups I read. The minute I saw it my first thought was "snopes". Accordingly, there I went, and this is what I found:

Bette Midler did not, indeed, write the missive. Instead, one of our own, sleepysaj did in an entry on Feb 24 of this year. I would encourage people to go read it; it is an excellent piece. Then, read her other stuff. It's that good; especially the ten questions post from March 17th of this year.
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