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Longer Update


On Friday we went to the lot, checked out the house, discovered some more holes in the walls, and a grievous wiring error. We rang Pam, and when Andy had described the situation she came over. She phoned pre-wire and after some runaround finally put Andy on to talk with the owner. As they talked, the owner listened to what Andy wanted and then asked "Are you going to get the structured wiring package at some point?" This was indeed a surprise to us, since Centex listed the structured wiring package as a pre-requisite for network wiring. Sure enough, pre-wire had totally skipped the structured as well as botching up the network wiring in several ways.

I don't know if I've mentioned it here or on Logrus or both, but there has been graffiti drawn and carved into various exposed beams on our house, and the engine to our jetted tub was stolen. We aren't sure if it's a worker with too much time on his hands (so far the only female worker we've seen was our forewoman) or possibly some local hoodlums.

I'm leaning toward the latter, and also theorizing that the graffiti artist(s) took off with my backpack. Pam is also leaning that way because she says she would have noticed two of the three extra holes we found in the walls the day before when she did her punch checklist. I'm glad they lock the door after drywall; Andy is annoyed enough that they're drawing/carving on the house even though everything will be covered up by stucco and/or paint. I would not want to see his reaction if any more artwork appeared after the house was no longer just a shell of its future self.

Although she never admitted any slippage, Pam's estimate for closing is now the first week of May. She has a very ambitious schedule for the post-punchlist work and the amended pre-wiring to be done Monday, to have the pre-drywall inspection on Tuesday, and to begin drywall on Wednesday. To put it mildly, we aren't so sure this is humanly possible and, even if it is, if it would be done on that schedule anyway. After we talked to Pam we took off for lunch, then home.

I decided to give Andy some much-needed alone time and ran some errands. First I went to Staples to get some 9"x12" envelopes so Andy could mail in our tax returns. The smallest size box I could get was 100 envelopes, so if anyone in the ABQ area needs some, contact us before going out and buying them. Then I went to the Ferret Shock Shop and got my garnets. Then I went to Whole Foods for a few things I always forget as well as some stuff for Andy, and by some miracle (possibly to do with the fact that I wrote them down) remembered everything.

Then I went to Kitty City and met a new volunteer. Shortly afterward two women, one of whom was wearing fuzzy blue slippers, came in, and the fuzzy slipper one said she wanted to adopt Scruffy Red and Wendy. She and her boyfriend had fallen for the two that morning when they visited, and she and her female friend had been coming to Clark's regularly all day to see if they could adopt that day. I rang Myrtice and Monica, but neither were about. At about 18:30 Monica called and asked about them, but since she lives about half hour from KC, she couldn't make it in.

I told the woman and she said she'd go out for a cigarette but hang around until closing in case Myrtice came. About half a minute later Jill, one of the other volunteers, walked in. I asked if she was qualified to do adoptions; she said she was; I filled her in, and I went to see if I could find the woman and her friend. She was about halfway through her cigarette, but as soon as I told her Jill could do adoptions she ground it out and said "<Censored> the cigarette". In the end she took both home in borrowed carriers. This was enough to induce euphoria in me.

As I was leaving KC proper my cell phone started ringing, but apparently the call had begun while I was still shielded by the concrete walls and by the time I answered it was recording voicemail. It was Andy so I called right back; it turned out that echoweaver and her husband had asked if we might want to do dinner. We settled on Minato, a really good Japanese restaurant by all accounts we'd heard so far and strongly recommended by the other two. All of the former reviews were correct, if not understated. I haven't had such good teriyaki since the hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant on the main strip at Berkley. It was a very good night.


On Saturday I took Gail to the vet to get her shot. As usual she was very well-behaved and very good at guilt-tripping the vet, his tech, and me. I'd forgotten making the appointment (I still can't remember doing so), so fortunately when I made it I said Heidi instead of Gail. The vet's office had called on Friday, all confused since Heidi wasn't due for her shots yet. Our stupid vets in NC never did send Gail's proof of rabies information, so the doctor gave her that shot as well. Since she now has proof I was able to make her a legal kitty.

The vet also counseled against using heartworm preventitive since the risks outweigh the benefits. The cost of the total bill was just a little over what they charged for one shot in NC. I really like this guy, and not just for his prices. It turns out he probably couldn't work with PACA because he already works for an organization which provides vet care (especially spaying and neutering) for homeless peoples' pets. He also mentioned that he doesn't want to expand and become a faceless entity; he likes knowing his patients and their families.

After I got home Susan from Centex called to tell Andy that she had somehow managed to get a set of blueprints for us (When we'd asked initially, Centex said no due to not wanting there plans copied or somesuch rot). I don't know how she did it, but major points. Then Andy asked a few questions, and in the end we decided to visit Susan after lunch.

Susan was absolutely stunned. I was actually surprised at how annoyed she was getting on our behalf -- I guess I was used to Pam, who is nice and everything but who seems to lack, well, empathy for want of a better word. I think part of it is that she's got way too many projects on her hands, but as people have pointed out, this doesn't mean she shouldn't be paying more attention. Anyway, when I asked for the statement about waiving the extension fee on the mortgage Susan went one better and said that on Monday she would add it to our contract retroactively. She also said that Andy should not be the one catching the egregious errors; the pre-wire folks should be.

By the end of the conversation we had decided that Andy will go to the house directly after work on Monday and make sure pre-wire has corrected the network wiring as well as the structured. Susan and Pam will also hopefully be making weekly-update calls on Monday and when they do, the three will decide if we should have a meeting between the four of us (or just those two and Andy, since I wouldn't be able to contribute much). Susan also mentioned ringing Rick, the area supervisor, and having him chat with Pam and/or possibly meet with us, with or without Pam present.

Afterward we went to the house and were stunned to see a swarm of workers there. We've seen workers at other houses on past Saturdays, but never really at ours. They were tarring the roof, so we didn't stay very long; the stuff smelled very strongly and we both more or less immediately developed headaches.

When we got home I took some Ibuprofen and then took off to run more errands. My first stop was Krispy Kreme, where I got two dozen donuts right off of the assembly line. The next stop was to drop off one of the boxes at KC, where two cats had already been adopted; Oliver the clown and a female whom I had never met and whose name I can't remember. To say they were appreciative was an understatement. By the time I got to KC that evening shy calico Molly had found and gone to her home -- in two days we adopted out more cats than we sometimes have in full months.

The other box I took to the house for the workers. I hope they figured out what I was trying to tell them over the noise of the engine. Since the box of donuts wasn't there this morning, either the workers found it or the vandals did. If it was the latter, too bad the vandals wouldn't leave the backpack in exchange.

Tomorrow I will try to drag myself back into the routine of posting during the daytime, if one time can be called a routine. For that reason I'll save my update for today until then.
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