Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Two Productive Days in a Row

I slept a bit later than Andy did today, but even without those extra few hours I accomplished quite a bit. I took a nutshell refresher course on the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and various founding fathers. I have some interesting rebuttals, with copious cites, next time anyone tries to throw the whole "Our founders wanted this to be a moral Christian nation"; including one by a Baptist minister which neatly dissects and tromps it, and also calls the American Revolution counter to scripture. But in a good way.

The maintenance person came by to start repairing the hole in the ceiling. His first step toward doing so was to make it even larger. I understand exactly why, but it's still amusing to this bear of little brain.

When that was done I took a 2.5 mile walk to Krispy Kreme so we could get donuts for the folks working on our house. It took under forty minutes, and that was with stopping to take some awesome mountain pictures (I hope they come out) and to pamper a gorgeous black poodle (not a stupid yappy type; a full-sized one) and talk to the woman walking him. Sadly I got neither of their names. To reward myself I got a coffee with cream, but no donuts.

Andy met me at Krispy Kreme and we headed over for cod and chips, then to see our house. The workers had gone (I'll just give the donuts to the people at the PACA adopt-a-thon tomorrow) already, and the backpack which I was hoping had reappeared sadly hadn't. I did finally realized that maybe I should leave a note for our next door neighbors, whose yard the backpack was technically in when last I saw it, but who we've missed every time since. The electrical, network, and phone wiring are done. The pre-wire people used cat6 not only for the network, but also for the phones. As far as I can tell this won't help or harm the phone lines, but we'll have less to re-sell now.

Then Andy dropped me off at KC, where I helped the people who had been there last night and Myrtice decide who to adopt. She had brought in Bronson and Trevor for them to check out, as well as Scruffy Red. Of course my help was to do eenie-meenie-miney-moe, but heck. Myrtice later came in and told me I had been volunteered to hold Bronson while he was microchipped. I have seen this done before, and watched a fairly young kitten become a fairly deadly cuisinart, but since we definitely didn't want the owners to witness microchipping, I did it. The funny part was that he took the microchip injection well, but complained when he was given his annual inoculation.

I also had a mystery explained to me. Scruffy Red had been adopted before Thanksgiving, but Big Red hadn't been at all. I was wondering if they'd mixed up the names. Sadly, they hadn't. Scruffy Red was re-surrendered. Oh well, he's really sweet. He likes sitting in my lap and he likes kneading my fleece. Unlike some cats, he has no interest in kneading my pants, which saves wear and tear on my legs.

Andy came to get me after running some errands and such, and we headed over to echoweaver and her husband's place to game with dnabre and wolfsamurai. The game hasn't been battle-heavy by any stretch of the imagination, but most of this session was the big fight. I have at times felt somewhat useless, if not a liability, to the party, but at least this time I did some useful things, including nailing a guy who set a hostage barracks on fire and also distracting a bad guy enough that he didn't kill one of the NPCs. We also managed to rescue Lyrilin's whole village, though three did die despite our best efforts. Next time we get to talk to the rescued Elves, interrogate some captured guards, and otherwise roleplay. So, of course, we may have to wait two weeks to do this. Sigh.

When we got home Mia had called; they didn't find the backpack. Sigh. At least I didn't leave my puzzle book in it, and I have copies of most of the earrings in there. I did lose my notebook with Lyrilin's character sheet and all of the notes Andy had asked me to write down during the first few sessions. I have a feeling I left the four-leaf clover we'd gotten to put into our walls before the sheet rock went in. I think I'll miss the backpack most of anything.

Even with the last bit, it was a really good day. I think walking in the sun helped.
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