Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Update of Sorts

I have strong opinions on the whole marriage amendment thing. I need a little more time before I put them all together. Suffice to say that none of the arguments for it which I've seen (Because I said so! And so did the bible!) have managed to impress me enough that I don't believe Rikistene and Teredon shouldn't be married.

Monday was ok; Tuesday decided Monday didn't whack us hard enough and worked to correct that. I was in a very minor accident (Andy thinks ten minutes with a washcloth will take care of the scrapes). Andy had code trouble; had trouble sleeping; found out our closing date has been pushed back to late April; forgot his lunch; had his most recent origami project fall apart; and his less-than-two-week-old DDR mat is shorting out.

Also, we had planned on selling our leftover cat6 to Susan, the woman who sold us our house and who is building one in our development; the one we'd almost bought until tyee brought up the excellent point about having a bedroom downstairs. Anyway, the pre-wire people have been frustrating as heck to get in touch with (apparently they do an excellent job and that's why Centex stays with them), and they ended up wiring Susan for cat5. Anyone need about 600 feet of cat6?

The one saving grace on Tuesday was that we had our game, since we had planned on being out of town on Friday last week and since the other gamers had prior engagements on this Friday. Even that, though, came at a price. We had to hold the game on campus, and parking was hell. Full stop. It also cost way more than we'd been expecting; they apparently double their rates during events or something.

The game was excellent. We've had a focus the last few sessions, but this time we ended up doing something decisive (despite the best efforts of my character, who is still echoing too much of my own caution). We basically found all of the people from my character's village, got lucky in that a small group with some very bored guards stumbled into us, and that our wizard was able to find and use their magical communication amulets. Of course the next time we meet we have to fight the rest of the guards, who have long since figured out something is up, but we still had a lot of fun. The puns flew, some on purpose, some not, and we got a few good one-liners in. And the dwarf and the violent half-elf got to boot some head.
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