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The Cat has Landed

The plane rides were long but uneventful, of the large puddle-jumper variety. Upon arriving we headed toward the house my sister sublets and promptly got lost, repeatedly. Luckily she has no problem with stopping and asking for directions.

My sister is doing well -- she got her hair cut, which will take some getting used to. I continue to like her SO, and her roommate seems nice. Pamela has a new lizard which is tiny, and half of its length is head -- it looks like a caricature; perhaps in a political cartoon about gerry-mandering.

Mom and I saw fireworks on the way home. The NY State Fair opened tonight, and they were celebrating. I missed not seeing them on the 4th (drought + fireworks == bad) and this made up for it somewhat. We stopped by one of the grocery stores on the way home and I discovered that they carry a few rice pasta items, so I can stop bringing them with me. I'll probably be making the fateful casserole sometime this trip; let's see if it doles out another case of appendicitis.

Mom's vicious cat, Noia (short for "Paranoia" because she's too pretty for the name she came with), still hates me and loses no opportunity to remind me of the fact. Unfortunately she looks like Gail (or, more accurately, two Gails since she's lost some weight), so I'm likely to forget she's not my little sweetheart and end up being reminded when she smacks the heck out of me. I had a late dinner, even for me (serenaded by hisses and whines) and took my meds. Now I just need to wait for them to kick in.

I already miss Andy and the kitties: I think I was missing them before I left. I'll have to check the Foo cam while I'm here; maybe I can even catch a glimpse of Andy once or twice. Unfortunately my mom is on a dialup, so I won't be able to watch the Foo cam as much as I'd like. It looks like things are going to be busy enough that this won't be a huge problem, though. I guess we'll see.
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