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When we went to check our house on Friday we took a dozen donuts to the workers, who in turn let us wander around even though we probably shouldn't have. They were working on the stairs. Afterward we ducked across the street to see the only other house which is still open by default. As we were leaving I noticed some dripping and mentioned it to Andy. He came over and looked and confirmed that it was a leak. About half an hour later Pam's boss knew about the leak.

When I arrived at KC on Saturday, the adopt-a-thon was still going on, in that the one cat who was adopted, Landon, still needed to be microchipped. One blue streak of swearing later it was done and I got a picture. He'd never been in KC, so I didn't have any. I also got pictures of several others who were only there for the day. Three old faces are back; kittens Darrel and Dirk (brothers) and William.

The game was much fun, especially since the most annoying character (an NPC) took an involuntary swim. He now owes his life to a whole bunch of inferiors. We're also pretty much up against a wall (literally and figuratively) and have to up and do something. I need to remember that my character is much bolder than I am and would not be as cautious as I am wont to be.

We went back to the house on Sunday and there were staircases but no treads. Andy went up the stairs and eventually curiosity beat out cowardice and I did too. I'm glad I did; we now have a very good idea of our upstairs, and we've confirmed that our initial ideas from rooms were good for even more reasons than we realized. We went to look at the house across the street and there was solder and the wood was nearly dry, but the pipe had a weird gash in it.

We decided to mention it to Susan and look at her new development. It was an adventure getting in, since the road thereto is being worked on and had no clear method of being crossed. We eventually did, though, and beheld a very bare development. Two houses (presumably one is the model) are at about what our house will be in in a few weeks. The office is currently a trailer. Several lots have been sold, however, and two were sold while we were there. Andy figured out why the pipe burst the second time: they turned off the water to fix the leak, and that night the temperature got below freezing, which means the water left in the pipe expanded. We also had a nice chat with Susan, lots of laughter and such. She feels more and more like a friend than a salesperson, and she has plans to bring her daughter to KC one of these days.

On Sunday evening we were talking about our trip to see Granddad, which we were going to finalize as soon as some frequent flier administrivia sorted itself out. We were originally going to visit this weekend, the 20th-22nd. When the phone rang Andy joked about not getting it, and I pretty much figured it was my sister. I had talked to her earlier as she prepared for Mom's birthday, which was today. It wasn't Pamela.

Andy and I will be flying out to Indianapolis tomorrow, on the first anniversary of Grandpa's death. I had planned on calling Mom and Pamela to make sure they were ok; now I'll have to figure out where to fit those calls in. Monica is taking care of the cityfolk for me, and echoweaver and her husband will be taking care of Gail and Heidi, provided Gail doesn't pull another "hide for the duration" stunt. We may also finally have our kitty cam, now called the "Foo Memorial Cam" up, since they have drivers in Linux for the camera. If it's up and running before we leave tomorrow, I'll leave the URL.

Now it's time to go pack. I need to remember to bring the copy of C.S. Lewis' A Grief Observed with, since I went out especially to get it for Grandmother. I will have access while there, but whether I use it or not is up for question. We have purposely left the return date open-ended, which is a nice side effect of the bereavement rates we used.
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