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Of Moth Attacks and Other Things

Today was a fairly busy day, and I've pretty much accomplished what I'd planned to and more. Most importantly, Andy and I spent several hours cuddling to make up in advance for lost time. It was the nice quiet kind where we both occasionally dozed and other times snuggled enough to make a non-diabetic beg for insulin. Afterward Andy exercised while I reheated dinner (he'd gone out for lunch with Tanner), then we ate yummy leftovers and he headed off to school.

I baked some adulterated chocolate chip cookies to take home so I can show my family that yes, it is possible to have yummy food while not triggering any of my allergies. I also baked a batch of unadulterated cookies for Andy since I won't be tempted to chomp them when I'm several hundred miles away. I discovered some interesting differences between egg substitute/maltitol/oat flour/xanthan gum cookies and those made with the more standard eggs, sugar, and wheat. The latter spread out more, and the dough is a lot thinner. They also burn much more easily than the heavier oat types. I'm not sure how much has to do with any given aspect since so many things are different, but I will be taste-testing tomorrow to see how they compare that way.

I also did two loads of laundry and made some prep for dinners for him while I'm away. I imagine he'll probably take advantage of my absence and eat a lot of regular foods which I no longer make. I got nearly everything packed, save for stuff I need to use tomorrow morning. I'm taking a few DVDs and a VHS tape with me to show the folks. Andy has assured me that there is probably no overlap between what I'd want to take and what he'll be watching while I'm away.

I only took half a walk tonight; by the time I got things done it was too late to do a full six-lap circuit. The moment I left my apartment I was attacked by a crack squad of commando moths. They accompanied me about halfway down the breezeway before returning to our porch to lurk. They got me on the way back in as well. I almost wish a few had gotten in so Thena and Gail could have defended my honor and taught them some manners.
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