Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Questions from trebro

  1. I used to volunteer in a shelter, too. It was hard for me to disconnect sometimes from the animals there. Is it hard for you, too?

    Oh heck yes. I've even come close to crying when two of them were adopted. Gigi still has my heart in her little white paws, and Rhubarb is doing the slow worming-his-way-in thing, though part of that is just because he really glommed onto Andy, which means he obviously has good tastes. I also really hope Lani finds a good home where someone can comfort her. I wish Maui wasn't quite so rough when she played; the fact that the two have to stay together will make it hard for them to find a home.

  2. What's the funniest "Muppet Show" you remember seeing?

    Probably the one with the monster eating the computer. I just wish Brian Henson didn't give away the punchline in the DVD. Or that they'd given us a choice between his intros, the whole intro song, or nothing at all.

  3. Did you know they created a Spider-Man "villain" (he was usually misunderstood or being manipulated) called Will 'o' the Wisp?

    Nope, but I do think that Freakazoid's occasional nemesis, Candle Jack, had one of the best cartoon-villain voices.

  4. What's your favorite Gaiman novel?

    Eep. I have to admit that I've not read Coraline or American Gods yet, which leaves Neverwhere, which I did, in fact, like. My all-time favorite piece of his, though, is The Sound of Her Wings.

  5. You have the ability to sentence any and all animal abusers to the punishment of your choice. No holds barred. What's your ruling, Your Honor?

    Fairly unimaginative. Find a race of giants who are, proportionally about as big to us as we are to animals. Shut the abuser in with one of the giants who has a detailed list of what the abuser did.

    And before anyone accuses me of caring for animals more than people, I would use the same method on violent criminals who harmed other humans (child molesters, serial killers, stalkers, etc).
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