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Answers to torquemada's Questions

  1. Why KC?

    When I first got to Albuquerque I went out looking for pet shops. I was actually looking for some all-sisal trees. When I went to Clark's I saw the kitty play area, but it was behind a scary-looking "Employees Only" sign. After Thena died, while Andy was in San Diego on business, I decided to go there and get some fuzz therapy, and Heidi more or less claimed me. Monica interrogated me and I brought Andy back on Saturday. Then I kept visiting to see what happened to the other kitties and became a de facto volunteer. I made it official a few months later, but to give an idea of how de facto it was, PACA never contacted my references.

    I like PACA because they are a no-kill care-for-life organization -- this means that if anyone ever adopts one of our cats/dogs and decide they don't want it or can't keep it, we'll take them back. I like KC because the cats can play around and let their personalities shine through, plus get socialized. It's fun getting to know all of them and their personalities, if heart-breaking when some of them are adopted. I probably could not volunteer in a kill-shelter; every time an animal's time was up I would want to adopt it. I don't think Andy would be happy with this thought.

  2. What are you most looking forward to with your new house?

    I wish I could say a decent-sized mailbox which could hold a package the size of a medium book, but alas we have the same insufficient lockers in the new development as we've had in our past three/five apartments.

    I do look forward to being able to close the windows and put on good music (Beethoven, LotR soundtracks) at total immersion volume without having to worry about bothering neighbors in the attached apartments. I also look forward to being able to unpack, finally, and hopefully not finding we've sized ourselves out of the house from the onset. I can't wait to have room to spread out my jewelry-stuff and to not having exercise stuff taking up half of the living room. And I can't wait to be able to invite people over.

  3. Why glass paperweights?

    That's a hard one. I guess I'm not partial to glass, since a few of the paperweights I would like have to be made from something other than glass lest they melt the items they're encasing. I probably like glass also because it can handle dichroic effects, or perhaps is the best at doing so. I've never seen a dichroic weight made of anything except glass. I know gems can also show dichroic effects, but I don't want to think of how much one might cost.

    I will also happily look at marbles, though they're harder to display, since they roll so easily. And I love spun glass and blown glass as well. I think maybe it has something to do with how delicate and pretty glass is, and how I can live vicariously through it. Or something.

  4. How are you liking ABQ so far? What do you miss?

    I like quite a bit of it. Dry heat is so much nicer than humidity even twenty or so degrees cooler. The mountains are really neat, even if (or perhaps especially because) they look sort of like some giant child was playing with several different sets of mountains and left them all together. They're especially gorgeous in a minute or two during sunset, when they turn a pink which even I admit to liking. The sunsets here are very nice, and during monsoon season we saw rainbows nearly daily, and they were the vibrant kind which I could swear I could follow to their end.

    Andy is doing work he enjoys, and I'm at least volunteering some of the time, rather than staying sequestered at home as I did in NY and NJ and NC. And, of course, the whole process of having the house built is exhilarating. I think that once we move we will both finally be able to feel home.

    I miss grass and the forests of upstate NY and the area of NC in which we lived. I miss clubjuggler and jklgoduke and their son who is growing up even without me there to watch (sniffle); and thebroomecloset and ovrclokd, even though we never got to see them as much as we would have wanted. I miss not being able to hop into a car and visit celebril and her husband and daughters for the weekend. I really miss fireflies.

  5. After confronting the villainous Doctor Fang and stopping his plans to use his Bizarro Ray to flood the world with Bizarro clones, you realise that the Ray has enough power to swap three people with their Bizarro World duplicates, and you've got just enough time to do it before the police arrive to take away the unconscious Fang. Bizarro World, remember, is where people are the opposite of what they are here (canonically, Bizarro Superman is evil and opposed to truth, justice, etc) but, sadly, terribly terribly stupid ('ME AM BIZARRO SUPERMAN'). Do you use the Ray to further your own agenda, and if so whom do you replace? If you had longer, so that you could permanently swap one person and swap another back and forth with up to a few days' stopover in between, whom would you swap?

    My first inclination would be to say the governor of the United States, since we would then hopefully get someone who was interested in preserving the environment, balancing the budget, and getting the government out of the private lives of citizens. On the other hand, I worry about the possibility of somehow breaking reality... I mean, if we could just say the Bizarro one would be his exact opposite and therefore intelligent that would be fine. I would be afraid that something in the universe might break if it had to produce a stupid version of the beloved governor.

    The thought of making some Bizarro bigots is tempting, so everyone would have a crystal clear example of how dumb bigotry is. That would mean zapping some tolerant people, though, and we need as many of those as possible. In other words, I probably wouldn't use it.
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