Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Last Few Days

Life has been fairly uneventful; usual chores and Kitty City. Bosco was adopted on Thursday and Lucky on Saturday. Both were not actually in KC; Bosco is too much of a bully and was adopted by a couple who found him on the net and wanted an only cat. Lucky came in as part of the adopt-a-thon and was swept up. I cannot believe Rhubarb wasn't adopted. I swear if he doesn't go in the next few weeks there will be half a dozen PACA folks fighting over him. My original pet name for him was Rube Goldberg; more recently I've been calling him Rubeus, as in Rubeus Hagrid. He is huge and he has really wild hair, albeit orange.

Andy was really wonderful this past week; hiding things for me to find. One was the soundtrack for RotK, and another was a voucher for the first four Ozy and Millie books (if I can convince Plan9 to list book 2 again). Better than that, though, were some notes and cards which said the most wonderful things. A lot of times when we discuss things I end up feeling as if maybe there isn't enough worth saving in our marriage. He decided to put that to rest this week.

I put up my resume on the web a long time ago, with a link from Spundream's index. Andy has said a lot of people hit it, but I never heard from any of them... until Friday. It may be spam, but if it is it is hands-down the most realistic one I've ever seen. He calls me by name, gives the URL, and replied to the address on the resume (which is different from the mailto address). It didn't have any of the clumsy grammar/wording I associate with programs which grab parts of the web page in order to make it look as if the person actually read it. He noticed I like Linux and wanted to discuss my helping with an informational video. His site is here. I did a quick Google to see if anyone has had problems with him and found nothing.

I'll probably write to him on Monday. My first thought was that I'm mostly into Linux from the end-user viewpoint, not a scripter or anything like that. Andy said I should follow up anyway, especially since he's been wanting me to learn more about what's under the hood. Who knows, maybe if the guy wants stuff I haven't learned, this will be my chance to figure out (with many sanity checks from Andy).

Our house is coming along. I visited on Tuesday and the first floor was more or less done, while the second was being prepped. Today when we went the second floor was much closer to finished. Still no stairs, no doubt to keep braindead homeowners from breaking their necks since the flooring is by no means the final product. There are pictures here. We'll probably go and get a few more tomorrow since we used up the charge on the battery before we'd finished with pictures today. We'll probably put those photos in with those from this week since nothing will have technically changes; our house was not one of those being worked on today.

I decided to try making manicotti this week, even though the only properly-shaped noodles were the wheat kind. To say they weren't the neatest job ever would be a vast understatement. I made cheese with egg-substitute for my stuffing, and sausage stuffing with real eggs for Andy's, and made a meatsauce instead of my normal plain. It was certainly interesting, although I may in the future just make gluten-free pasta and toss the cheese and sauce all together, then add sausage to Andy's part.

Gail just jumped up between the keyboard and desk edge for a cuddle. She is such a sweet cat still. I wonder what Heidi will be like when she finally calms down. She already has in many ways -- she only bites our noses rarely, rather than repeatedly, and she has not been closed in her room at night since January 31st. She also doesn't seem to be getting up on the table and countertops as often, though she still needs some work. Then again, so does Gail. Also, the edge of one of Gail's ears looks like it has blood on it. Basically it looks like Heidi was playing to roughly (gasp!) and may have bit a little harder than she meant to. We'll watch it to see if it gets worse, but Andy said he thinks it looks about as harmless as it can.
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