Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Sunday, Sunday

It was a good day. Andy went out and got me a Flying Star cheese danish -- one of the few in which the goopy stuff in the middle bears any resemblance to cheese. Then we went upstairs and spent some together time cuddling. We really need to do that more often.

Evian and Shadow were both adopted by the same family. They always seemed to get along well, so hopefully there will be no problems. Shadow has already been adopted out once and returned, but I should probably just pretend that I won't be so lucky again.

Yesterday we got three new cats; Penny a six-month-old tabby and Lani and Maui, two tortie sisters. They have one of the sad stories; their owner had a heart attack and died. Yesterday Lani spent the whole time hiding in the litterbox area, and Maui hung out in one of the cat trees which allowed her a view of the room. Today once the other people left Maui came over and sat next to me, so I petted her. Later I saw Lani out eating, and when she was heading back to the bench she paused and looked at me, so I called her. She climbed into my lap and just begged for affection. A few times she looked into my eyes and I swear I could feel her missing her human. I just put down the puzzle book and petted her until Monica arrived.

Monica took Shakira home and brought in orange Alvin and his brother, either Simon or Theodore, who is an Oreo kitty. They also have a sad story; their owner was handicapped and had to move closer to her family in California, but the only accessible apartment she could find has a strict no-pet policy. I used to say that I wouldn't rent an apartment which didn't allow pets, but that made me stop and think. In some cases, there really is no choice. I feel bad for the woman. Alvin is a little brat who took a chunk out of Monica today, while Simon/Theo is calmer, though he went into hiding before I could meet him. She also brought Brenda back; I hope it works out this time.

After KC we went over to kushiel26's place to ponder characters for a one-off. It may well turn into a series of one-offs loosely related, and echoweaver and her husband were also there. It's set in Planescape, which none of us has really tried, so at least we're all at the same level of newness. The GM's girlfriend will also be playing, but she had to be elsewhere today.

The four of us will be bouncing ideas off of each other for a bit, although I'll probably play a Dark Elven cleric to Eilistraee or however you spell it (hey, at least she's not a ranger or a druid). I forget what race Andy wants to play, but he'll be a monk. This is not going to be a regular game, but instead one we play when we all feel like it. It still sounds like it will be fun, and I'm looking forward to what we all come up with.

Andy posted the most recent pictures of our house here. No one was working on the house on Saturday when we left, so I imagine it's in the same state now, except maybe with some snow on it. We had even more which stuck last night.
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