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Aside from the usual off-Friday confusion, eg spending most of the day thinking it was Sunday, today was a good one. We went to our lot, and they got a ton of framing done between when we checked yesterday and when we returned today. It is now to the point where we can walk through and identify rooms in the downstairs. And Andy pointed out today that given our fudge date (they quoted us between April 15 and May 15, so we're telling people May 1st), we may be closing in three months from tomorrow. Poing!

Five kitties got adopted today; none had actually been in KC recently. Oreo Gregg and Connor (whom I can't remember meeting before, though I get the idea he's an orange guy. I may be confusing him with Collin, though) were adopted, as were three little kittens whose pictures I didn't get last week and who were adopted out before I got there.

Allegedly Shadow is being adopted tomorrow. We're trying not to get our hopes (or sniffles, in my case) up since recently so many people have seemed absolutely interested but never returned. However, she apparently glommed onto the parents and two children, and they were allegedly heading out to Wal-Mart to get kitty paraphernalia. They're supposed to call Myrtice tomorrow to finalize it.

Andy's Granddad finally got to go home today. He is eating better, and he's very happy to be able to take a real shower and sleep in his own bed. A physical therapist will be stopping by, although Granddad has said he might well do as much or more without the visits, now that he is finally home again and can do things. He's also off of all pain meds at this point, which is really good. I may look into getting at least Andy to visit using frequent flier miles or the free ticket I got for volunteering my seat back in September.

I went to KC briefly in the afternoon, mostly long enough to snuggle both Shadow and Gigi goodbye. Gigi wasn't adopted, but she was diagnosed with ear mites so went home to Monica's, aka the infirmary. Then I came back home, retrieved Andy, and we went to echoweaver and her husband's to watch the FotR extended version. A lot of our stuff seems to be breaking recently; the second disc had problems which Andy and Echoweaver's husband are pretty certain were disc-related, due to the way in which it freaked.

After the movie we geeked a while about the virtues and vices of various gaming systems and their mechanics. It is so much fun being around people who game again. We also discussed MUSHes, collaborative writing, and issues with regards to keeping the rating thereof PG or tamer or figuring out how to deal with children who might want to read/join.

When we left there was snow on our car roof. It was very heavy wet snow and had melted on contact on all of the other surfaces. It would have made a good, well, not snowball so much as snow grape. Or something. I'll take all the precipitation we can get, especially since the snow was far too wet to make the roads more dangerous than rain. I'll try to come up with interview questions tomorrow, but it may have to wait until Monday.

I have finally, after nearly two years on LJ, managed to make an entry on every single day of a month. I will now go back to writing only when there is something worth noting.
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