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Yay, meme-stuff

I finally fell for it. I'll put the questions and answers behind the cut, but leave the meme rules out so folks can skip it if necessary.

The rules are:

  1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
  2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
  3. You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
  4. You'll include this explanation.
  5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

For those not into PernMUSHing, the questions are from goldenlily

  1. If you could have one job in the entire world, what would it be and why?

    That's hard, because there are so many things I would love to do. I would love to do something with astronomy or auroras or forests or waterfalls; possibly photography. I enjoy volunteering at Kitty City but I would love to be able to help out financially as well. I don't have public-speaking fright, and went to college to be a teacher; I specifically wanted to teach teens on reservations. I would like to volunteer as a forensics (speech and debate) judge; having been a competitor in high school and a judge in a few tournaments while on college breaks. I want to join Literacy Volunteers somewhere down the road. Hmmm, now to work all these things together:

    A photographer who goes and takes pictures of the beautiful natural things in this world and makes them into posters. Proceeds from the sales go to PACA and perhaps one or two other charities. I also go to schools, youth organizations, and so on and lecture about the pictures and hopefully inspire the young folks to go out and seek to help preserve it. I also coach speech and debate by having extemporaneous speakers and other categories which require people to use their own words make up speeches about the pictures and the information which comes with them. Finally, I use the posters to help people in Literacy Volunteers write about something fun.

  2. We know you cook a lot; do you like it and what is the most enjoyable thing for you to cook?

    I like cooking except when I goof something up, especially something stupid like the pork roast the other day wherein I'd left correct instructions but left the oven 100 degrees(F) too high. I also like when something I cook makes Andy happy, such as a special dinner or something he loves when he's been having a bad day. I do have a problem of associating food with love, but I'm working on it. I tend to like making things which give me time in between phases, and also things which are quick and easy but look like it took a lot of work and time. I may be channeling Janelle or one of her offspring there.

  3. Apart from Heidi and Gail, do you and Andy intend to have any children?

    At this point we're undecided. Aside from diabetes making any pregnancy of mine high risk, I also have problems which may (have already) render(ed) me sterile. Andy and I have just watched his Aunt and Uncle take over two years to bring home twins for whom they had submitted paperwork before the twins were even born. I might consider being a foster parent with the intention to adopt, but the horror stories of fostering (including wanting to give a child a good home but being prevented by some "pro-family" group which believes biological ties are more important than, say, taking care of and not abusing children) and how badly the system is broken may dissuade me from that path. If we do decide to try to bear/adopt/foster children, it will almost certainly not happen in the next few years.

  4. How has life changed for you now that you've settled in your new home town/city?

    We are in an absolutely gorgeous area. The mountains are beautiful, especially in this one-two minute moment at sunset in which they turn a pink even I like. The territorial and pueblo styles are growing on me, and I love the subtle designs on many of the walls surrounding the highways. Sunsets here are quite spectacular, and one thing which I hadn't much thought of surprised me -- the number and clarity of rainbows I've seen here. I've also found that xeriscaping is really pretty, and I'm enjoying trying to figure out how to landscape our yard. Having a house being built is also wonderful, since I've had serious nesting syndrome for about as long as we've been married.

    I miss the forests in NC and the explosion of color in the Adirondacks in the fall. Heidi is a sweetie, but I miss Thena very much, even if the move/settling in probably had nothing to do with her death. I miss fireflies and some of the plants which could not grow here even without water conservation -- remember in California when the hot streak literally burned my hydrangea to a crisp? We get heat like that quite often, and the sun here is very strong; you can feel an actual temperature difference when moving from sun to shade.

    I love PACA's setup, cage-free and kill-free, and I'm very happy to be able to volunteer by simply playing with kitties and doing crosswords. I certainly enjoy the dry heat much more than humidity, and the temperature drop between day and night means that we are able to get to sleep without running AC constantly.

    There are still some issues which need to be dealt with, many stemming from health stuff, and a few which are being worked on now while waiting for red tape to clear enough to allow diagnostics. Overall, though, things have changed and I consider it a good change. I was very hesitant about NM when it first became a possibility, but I don't regret moving one bit now that we're here, even with the black widows and the unseen-as-of-yet scorpions. Oh, and I'm gaming again, finally!

  5. Do you regret meeting or not meeting anyone from online?

    I would be remiss if I neglected to say that meeting one person has completely colored my feelings toward online meetings: D'rian from PernMUSH/callicrates. No matter how bad any meeting may ever turn up being, the fact that I met Andy outshines any dark spots in such a way that the dark spots are rendered merely as the spots in one's eyes when one accidentally looks directly at the sun for a split second.

    I mostly regret not having met people such as wolfaura (BTW, if Wolfaura is reading this, was the move you made recently the much-hoped-for move to Seattle? If so, Andy and I will be there the last weekend in February) and some of the others who read this but whom I probably won't meet unless a miracle occurs.

    There has been a truly disastrous meeting, mostly for Andy; one in which the person in question tried to harm Andy and, indirectly through Andy, me. There are a few people I would have been happy not to meet. One is a former brownrider from PernMUSH who had his DTU removed for harassing gold/greenriders whose flights he lost, as well as making RL threats. He was every bit as slimy in RL. Another is a very full-of-himself bronzerider who acts as if he's a great dramatic actor in RL; with the exaggerated sweeping monologues and the comments about his sublimely passionate and subtle RP which made me want to shake him and say "Your RP is overly ornate and about as subtle as a lemon wrapped around a gold brick." He tried to bring Anne Rice vampires into Pern canon. Enough said.

    I don't have any regrets in any of the other meetings, though. There are certainly people I hope I never meet, or if I do that no one tells me who they are. There are a ton of people whom I would like to see again, and since many are concentrated in the Bay Area, I almost certainly will meet up with in the not-too-distant future. As mentioned before, most of my regrets about meeting people online are those which have not yet (and may not ever) occur(red).

Egad, I talk too much.
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