Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Quiet Day

I got laundry, litterboxes, fountains, and dishes done today. KC was interesting; the two new kitties are Brenda, a gorgeous dilute tortie and Gigi, an adorable white kitten. Brenda is Evian's mom, and she stunned Monica by allowing me to pet her in our first meeting; apparently she's never let anyone other than Monica touch her. Dinner was good. I tried the new noodles I got from Ener-G, and they were very good. Their flavor was pretty bland, but unlike corn and rice noodles they didn't break up, even when I tossed them with butter and garlic.

Andy rang Pam today to see how things were going. Susan is buying the house we almost did, and since Andy got 1000 ft of cat6 but they'll only need 300 for our house, we'll be selling some of the extra to Susan. They were held up for two weeks by the radiant heat, and today they couldn't pour due to sub-freezing temperatures. They'll try to do so again tomorrow, and if they get it done they will begin the frame two days later. Needless to say, photos will be forthcoming.
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