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Oh heck

15 Years Ago, I:

  1. Had a crush on several gay guys who had graduated from high school the year before.
  2. Graduated from high school.
  3. Had never heard of MUDs.
  4. Figured I would marry a gay guy who needed to stay closeted with the open agreement that he could sleep with whomever he wanted.

10 Years Ago, I:

  1. Met D'rian from PernMUSH for the first time. We had already considered ourselves a couple for nine months before we ever saw one another.
  2. Moved to Atlanta, Georgia, for about three months.
  3. Hadn't played in a tabletop RPG for a year and really missed it, as well as the group I had gamed with.
  4. Got a job in accounts payable for a company which would go bankrupt in less than ten months. This was not a cause-effect situation.

5 Years Ago, I:

  1. Had been married to D'rian from PernMUSH for a year.
  2. Was thoroughly in love with Chapel Hill, after having sworn never to live in the south again when I moved back from Atlanta.
  3. Was telecommuting to a job in New Jersey, finding pages which could be read on every browser up to and including the line browser supported in Brother™ word processors.
  4. Helped arrange the outing to The Phantom Menace in which I met many people on my friends list for the first time.

2 Years Ago, I:

  1. Had been married to D'rian from PernMUSH for four years.
  2. Was still actively roleplaying on three Pern-themed MUSHes.
  3. Was diagnosed with diabetes and allergies to eggs and wheat.
  4. Began making jewelry.

1 Year Ago, I:

  1. Was very happy when Andy got his PhD, and even happier that I'd been married to D'rian from PernMUSH for five years.
  2. Was stunned and disappointed that NVidia didn't hire him.
  3. Was dubious about moving to Albuquerque, but thrilled at how nice Sandia had been to Andy and glad that they hired him.
  4. Lost Grandpa to cancer in February and Thena to a genetic heart weakness in July; thereby discovering that I was physically capable of crying.

Yesterday, I:

  1. Exercised.
  2. Went to Kitty City, but only for a few minutes.
  3. Played in a tabletop RPG with Andy as the GM, and with echoweaver and her husband, dnabre, and audited by wolfsamurai.
  4. Was able to make user-specified scores in Spam Assassin work.

Today, I:

  1. Wasn't feeling well and slept until nearly 16:00.
  2. Skipped breakfast and lunch, but not coffee.
  3. Was at Kitty City for over an hour and saw Monica.
  4. Managed to airwalk three miles in 52 minutes and change.

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