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Let's see. Most of the past few days have been spent trying to wrench myself onto some sort of track. Bedtimes have slipped, laundry took a plunge, about the only areas I wasn't completely missing were exercise and Kitty City. I've managed to get the mountain of laundry down to a hill, the kitchen will be ok after I do a few touch-ups, and I still have to wash the upstairs fountain.

Granddad is doing very well; they transferred him from the hospital to his nursing home today. A few years ago Grandmother and Granddad moved to a really neat community for senior citizens. They get their own house, but also use of the community nursing home, so they can keep their independence without endangering themselves. Grandmother can just walk over any time she want to visit Granddad, so long as her hip isn't acting up.

Meanwhile, I did some Aussie stuff. On Sunday I went to Whole Foods directly after KC wearing my PACA uniform. A woman behind me asked if I worked for PACA and I nodded, and she said she knew one of the other volunteers. I mentioned I worked in KC, so she said I probably wouldn't know her since the cat side doesn't talk to the dog side much. I joked around that I might be talking to the dog side in a few months when I was ready to get my Aussie, and she perked up. Long story short: she is with golden retriever rescue but she just couldn't leave the Aussie behind. I need to find her business card and call her.

I renewed my search for breeders, especially in this area but extending to all of the states which border NM. There are a few promising prospects: one woman will be breeding a certified therapy stud to one of her bitches as soon as the bitch goes into heat, and that may very well produce a suitable therapy prospect. One woman in New Mexico won't be breeding her dogs until 2005, but gave me the number and forwarded my inquiry to another breeder who has a litter on hand. One man from Texas replied that he had two three-year-olds, but unfortunately both are afraid of children, and when I contacted the various therapy-dog groups on LJ, the consensus was to start with a dog without any issues.

Yesterday a nice FedEx man knocked on my door and gave me some food. Now that I've resumed exercising I'm realizing that I pretty much gave up trying to control my wheat allergy, so I decided to fix that. I found a place that will ship my beloved gluten-free pretzals, and I also decided to try tapioca bread, a different take on wheat-free spaghetti noodles, and gluten-free English Muffins. The latter are pretty weird -- not at all like the kind one finds in grocery stores; in fact the top is shaped more like one would expect a muffin to be. It falls apart easily, though that's to be expected. They threw in a free bag of gluten-free hot dog rolls. I'll probably try them soonish, but for now I'm just happy I can bring my pretzals to game night tomorrow.

I had also let my spam assassin training slip, and in six days I'd accumulated over 900 spams in two accounts alone, and probably 100 or so from the others combined. This time I only fed it those which it had missed, including blacklist items that weren't at at least 105. I did remember to feed it the ham (and the false positives) first, and one of these days I need to loosen up one or two of my blacklist rules. I'm also going to try to figure out why none of the whitelists (I even placed them before the blacklists in the user prefs) work, and why none of the pot-luck or home-cooked rules work. I should also tweak some of the inherent rule values, but that can wait until tomorrow.

Last but not least, Andy flipped the floor plans on our house to reflect the orientation they'll actually have. For floor plans and such the page is here; for photographs the page is here, and for a very crudely colorized picture to approximate what the house will look like when done, check here. We'll probably visit the house again on Saturday, since this is the Friday Andy doesn't get off.
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