Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Firefly Sightings

Today was not routine, but not stressful, either. While Andy picked up some prescription refills for himself I did laundry, straightened up a bit, and worked on a Rolemaster character. We'd discussed the character concept at Denny and Heather's, and Heather said she was interested in seeing how it would look on paper. It's based fairly closely on Yuna from Final Fantasy X, and starts out with some pretty vicious weaknesses to make up for how powerful it can be at higher levels. Heather phoned today; she's still in the hospital by choice, but I believe she'll be going home tomorrow. She sounds much better than she did yesterday.

Although I didn't see any on my walk, this evening I've been watching two or three fireflies and something else very bright darting about a light-post across the street. I was almost afraid I was hallucinating, because if the big thing had been a firefly, it would have had to be the size of a very large moth. If we were living in a more marshy area, I might have thought I was seeing a version of my LJ namesake. I called Andy over after my walk and he saw the fireflies as well as the huge thing. He said it was definitely not a firefly and must have been something reflecting the street lamp since nothing gets that bright. At least I got to show him something really pretty.
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