Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Mostly House Foo

Today we went out for a yummy lunch of fish and chips at Flying Star, then headed over to our lot. Some more plumbing stuff was added as well as some grids in the "floor", possibly something related to radiant heating, and the area had been smoothed out. Unfortunately our little cactus did not survive the ordeal. Perhaps I can see if anyone can identify it by our pictures and get one to plant once we're planting stuff. They've painted Estefan's (our neighbor to our left) house. It turns out that we won't be one of three with candlelight exteriors; we're now one of four. We're still the only two-story candlelight, though.

Afterward I went to peek in Estefan's house since the door was open. Currently it's hard to get a sense of what is where and how large things will be in our house, but touring his helped a lot. When I got out Andy was missing, so my first guess was to check the house of our neighbor to the right, since they don't have a front door yet. Andy was there, and since the house is bigger than Estefan's, if still only one story, it gave us a really good idea of what our downstairs will be like. Andy took a bunch of pictures while we were there but hasn't had a chance to upload them yet. I'll mention it when he does. Then we walked over to the office, but it looks like they're moving out of the model. I wonder where the office will be now, or if we'll just deal with the one at the just-starting development a street and change over.

When we got home I went to KC. Pippin's eye looks better, and they took Darryl home since he seems to have something. My black kitty is an unspayed female of indeterminate age. She's still terrified and is at Monica's house now, but she is negative on the two really nasty feline illnesses.

Unfortunately someone else came in today with three adorable puppies abandoned at a shooting range, of all places. I have no idea what breed they are, but something keeps nagging me with "schnauzer". After phoning half of PACA's higher-ups I found out we couldn't accept them; the dog side is out of foster homes. The woman very obviously did not want to take them to a kill shelter, but was afraid they might pass diseases on to her dogs, and she has no place to put them but the garage, which she was afraid would be too cold. I left her in the capable hands of one of the pet store employees who knows more about dogs and their diseases than I do (if they'd been Aussies, of course...). Anyway, one has something wrong with its eye and looks like the eye may have been gouged at. I hope the three end up ok. The woman mentioned that she'd just lost another dog, which makes me hopeful that she'll keep one of them.

Tomorrow a bunch of people we've been chatting with after meeting them in the abqgamers or other ABQ LJ communities will be meeting for lunch. callicrates, dnabre, echoweaver and her husband, wolfsamurai, and I will be meeting for lunch at a Chinese buffet place. I have to keep reminding myself that tomorrow is not Sunday; this happens every other week when Andy gets Fridays off. Three day weekends are good things.

In other news, Andy's aunt and uncle finally got to bring home the twins they've been trying to adopt. They sent pictures, and I'm going to ask them if it's ok to post them. If they say yes, I will. The twins are Carl and Claire, and so far they're adjusting really well. I can't wait to meet them.
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