Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Another day

I got dishes, grocery shopping, and some laundry done today. I also did what I'm planning on becoming my every-three-month cleaning of one of the kitties' fountains. I'll get the other one sometime this week. I did some fairly brutal rules for my blacklist, end even though all I did was blacklists, it's caught more than it used to. I'll probably do some recipe stuff tomorrow for stuff which is still slipping through. There was one false positive; I'm hoping whitelisting will help.

So today I got to KC and, as per usual, I went to get Gail and Heidi's canned food for the week. I got to pet a bunch of pooches as well, since Clark's does low-cost shots once a month. As I was paying I heard one of the employees saying that someone had a cat by the bird cages and was letting the cat take swipes at the birds. My first words were "That bastard!", figuring it was an idiot customer. Then I heard "PACA person" and groaned.

Every Sunday a volunteer, her daughter, and one other person who may be an older daughter or a friend or something, come in and clean the city. I've seen them taking individual cats outside and walking around with them in their arms, but I'd never seen them do the bird thing. One of the employees said the biggest worry wasn't even birdie heart attacks, but that cats are passive carriers to something which can be deadly for birds.

After paying for the food and nearly forgetting it, I went over to look at the birds and make sure all of them were still alive. As I was heading toward the City I saw the cleaner leaving. When I opened the outer door I saw one of the ferrets happily resting on its cage, the city was unlocked, and two people were in there. I figured she had just gone to get supplies, but she never came back. I knew Monica would be coming so I gathered up all three ferrets and put them back in their cage.

One of the volunteers, a girl between ten and fourteen, and her mother came in. It turns out they were there when the cleaner was bragging about letting the cats play with the birds. It turns out that they've fallen big time for Pierre, and he has returned the favor. They're going to try fostering him and, if it works out, they'll adopt him. I hope it works out, since he's a wonderful kitty.

A while back I mentioned that Domino wasn't eating. She was taken to the vet earlier this week, and they found out she had severe tartar and gum disease. The vet scoured her teeth and gave us some antibiotics, and I get to give Domino her nightly dose. The first night I tried I pretty much guaranteed the bench will not have to worry about bacteria for a long while. Yesterday Monica was there so helped me administer it. Today she came to help again and the pet store employees told her about it.

After we guaranteed that my shirt will not have to worry about bacteria for a while, the other volunteer, her mom, and I told Monica what we knew about the bird situation, and I also mentioned that she'd left a ferret out of its cage in the breezeway. After KC I went grocery shopping, and when I got home Andy mentioned that Monica had called. She wanted to see if I'd talked to the cleaning lady, so maybe she knew I was going to be coming in and that's why she left the ferret out, the city unlocked, and non-PACA folks alone with the cats. It's possible the woman saw me buying the canned food, but since we didn't actually talk this week, I have no idea if she did or not. I hope she did see me.

On another note, mollyringwraith has finished up the trilogy by finally summarizing FotR. Enjoy, and thanks to thebroomecloset for pointing it out.
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