Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Choppy Longer Update

Andy and I got some money we weren't expecting over the holidays. Most of it we're putting directly into the house fund, but we decided to spend the odd amount on some stuff. We had decided when our camera died to get a new one instead of attempting a repair which might well cost more than a new one. Andy settled on the older sister of our camera, since ours has been out of circulation for a while.

Anyway, when we found out we had the funds we looked up the camera on and it had disappeared. I heart google and its cached pages. I also heart close out sales wherein the price drops $100. Anyway, when I found the page on there were 765 left. Andy and I kept checking over the course of the evening, and by the time we went to bed there were 691. By the next morning they were completely gone. We got ours yesterday, however, so we're happy. It also turns out that the original battery from our original camera wasn't broken after all -- I plugged it into the new one and it worked. We now have three batteries, which is good given how quickly the camera goes through them.

Today we went and visited our lot. The stemwall is up now and we got pictures. We also got two pictures, one of our house's color and one of the same model house as we will be getting. In fact, it's the house we walked through which convinced us we really wanted that floor plan. I'm not sure when they'll be up, but I'll post a pointer to them when they are.

Yesterday the first of my presents from Andy came, although technically it's for^H^Hrom Gail and Heidi. It's a keychain laser pointer whose business end runs around the floor and gets Heidi going every time, though Gail seems mostly bemused. I figure she will eventually begin chasing it too, and then things should be fun. My current project is trying to get Heidi to climb the wall to catch the dot.

I spent most of the day sorting mail from two accounts into spam and nospam folders. On one account there were 300+ messages and one valid mail, with many misses but no false positives. In the other there were over 525 messages with 16 of those valid e-mails and one false positive. The false positive was worth 5 points, and 5 is the maximum score allowed, so it was barely tagged as it was. I'm saving them into folders so we can train the Baynesian filter for Spam Assassin. In the second account I also saw the highest score ever -- 35.40 in an e-mail entitled "Bikini Snow Skiing" and trying to sell something which reverses aging, burns fat, and dices Julienne fries perfectly every time. Or something.

Kitty City was interesting. There was an adopt-a-thon today, and one adult cat, Pretty Boy, was adopted. He is gorgeous and huge; probably 25 pounds and very little (if any) of it fat. There are a few familiar faces: Dixie (black), Honda (orange), Lara (orange and white), Owen (black and white guy tossed from a moving car), Shakira (long-haired black), and Suzuki (orange and white, Honda's brother. Blame Monica), but most of them are new, and it may take me a bit to figure out who is who. Seven isn't back because she's fostered (along with Captain) with a woman who lives three hours away. My clothes are safe for the time being. Shadow was supposed to be back, but she and Licorice seem to have developed a new game, "Evade the Monica". Hopefully I'll get to see my shy sweet little gray and white kitty soon. Monica has a Cunning Plan (TM).

Pippin, a little orange guy, was a bit antagonized. Monica says he's a sweetie at home, so I hope he'll settle in, especially since several of the other kittens are playful and would almost certainly let him join in. Honda finally shook off his remaining feral traits, and Owen is coming out of his shell, though he still runs away from me. Pippin was dozing near me when I finished taking pictures and began doing my crossword, and eventually he pulled himself over to sit by me, and was happy to be petted as long as Domino (tabby-tortie) kept her distance. It was also sort of sad because Dirk, a scrawny little tabby with a desperate need for affection, kept trying to come over, but deferring to Pippin. At one point someone opened the outer door to visit the ferrets, and Pippin hid behind me. He remained hidden the rest of the time, though not so much that he couldn't hiss at any approaching cat. I hope he gets better quickly.

I pretty much let everything in the refrigerator be used up before we left for the holidays, so right now we have a water pitcher, things like catsup and dressings, a few sticks of butter, and not much else. After KC I made a quick run to Whole Foods for something to keep us until tomorrow. Since KC closes at 5 I can do a full grocery run without it getting too late. Anyway, I got garlic-herb marinated chicken for Andy, teriyaki-marinated chicken for me, and some produce. When I got home I made myself some rice and Andy a huge salad, breaded his chicken and cooked both pieces, then dumped Andy's chicken on the big salad and mine on the rice. I also made us both a simple fruit salad his parents are fond of; oranges and bananas, and I had a smaller lettuce salad. I had gotten Irish bleu cheese at Whole Foods and crumbled it onto Andy's salad, and Andy discovered that a little goes a long way. Oopsie.

Afterward I worked on the gallery, Andy folded his most recent project, and we watched the Bugs Bunny DVD we got a while back. I originally set it to play all, but he got tired about halfway through, so we'll need to catch the last half some other time. I kept working on the gallery, but I had to stop when it freaked out and lost two albums plus wiped a third. I did get all but one of the staging area pictures filed, though, and I have some semblance of an album for Heidi, finally.
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