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I got e-mail from Grandma Shad yesterday. She's still on oxygen although she's home. But, in late November just after she had her second set of triple heart attacks (the first set was when Grandpa Pilny was sick, a lifetime ago) her son had a heart attack and died. All I can think of is Theoden saying "No parent should have to bury his child." This soon-to-end year sure isn't pulling any punches in its fading days.

We get to see Granddad tomorrow. After going to the hospital the other day he hasn't really been well enough to have visitors, but I'm already into high we-need-to-see-him mode. I think I have some left over from February or something.

We also get to see Andy's Grandma tomorrow. We'll probably do something like lunch or dinner and a movie. I'm hoping it'll be Peter Pan, since I read a review that it's very true to the original, and also because the bloke wot plays the dad/Hook has played another evil father figure recently: Lucius Malfoy. I also need to remember to get flowers tomorrow. On Thursday we go home and get to see the kitties for the first time in a year.
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