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Unexpected turn of events

We arrived safely at Heather and Denny's, met the new baby, and devoured dinner. They actually liked it enough to ask for the recipe, and I didn't have to whine about whether I could eat it or not. Then somewhere between dinner and Real Genius Heather got a horrific pain in her side accompanied by a low fever. As the night wore on it got worse, and the fever kept climbing. I finally told them that I could vaguely remember what I knew of babysitting if they needed to go to the emergency room. Fortunately they decided to go.

On the good side, it wasn't anything to do with the casserole. Unfortunately, it had a lot to do with an appendix getting ready to burst. Andy had driven them to the hospital because their car isn't as reliable as ours, and I was left with Regina (who behaved very well and was in bed in a completely reasonable time frame) and Danielle, plus formula but no bottles. After I'd attempted to spoon-dribble the formula into her Denny called; he'd asked a friend to stop by a supermarket and get everything I could possibly need for feeding her. Once the bottles arrived I fed her and got her to sleep, though not before a few mishaps worthy of Mr. Mom II on my part.

Not very long after they returned; since they now knew it was appendicitis they'd decided Andy should come back here so he could sleep while Denny did the bedside-vigil thing. Since I hadn't taken my knockout drugs and since I don't sleep very well without them, we determined that Andy should sleep out in the living room and I'd stay in the bedroom to take care of Danielle. I managed to get some sleep, but without the meds it was a light doze which allowed me to hear her whenever she stirred rather than a sleep of the dead.

Denny tried to raise us on the phone several times and Andy manged to catch the last just after the voicemail had kicked in. He had called a neighbor who has a little more experience with babies so young, and the angel of mercy had agreed to come help. It's amazing how easily she can figure out exactly when Danielle is done and also get her to burp quickly. Her three year-old, Jacob, is if anything more hyper than Regina, so they've been keeping each other busy. It's a bit harrowing for Walker, their dog, and Tigger, their cat, but Andy and I have been trying to soothe them as much as possible.

I don't know whether we'll make it home tonight. Andy says the chances are about 2 in 3 that we'll be able to, but if we need to stay for another night we will. Heather's surgery went as routinely as they come, and they're talking about releasing her tomorrow. I guess a lot will depend on what Debbie, Jacob's mom, can or can't do with regards to overnight. Meanwhile, I think Andy and I may need to conk Denny over the head to get him to sleep. I suppose part of the problem is/are Jacob and Regina crashing around, but Debbie has offered to take them to her house so Andy and I could get a little more sleep; I'm sure she'd do the same for Denny. Anyway, I'll try to do a journal entry tonight if we go home. If I don't, it probably means we decided to stay until tomorrow morning. Of all the times to only pack Sunday's meds.
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