Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Mmmmmm, ellipticals

I have once again remembered why I loved Tom and Emily's elliptical so much. Our little Gazelle is certainly smoother than Nordic Tracks or treadmills, but the elliptical is just incredible. I was able to step off of it without needing to stand still for fear my left knee might buckle (as it has a few times after we got the Gazelle; though there was no pain until I got off). It seems to be very much set on only allowing exercise for half hour, however, so I may need to go twice a day while in Indy.

I slept myself out today, only getting up in time for exercise and a shower before dinner. Afterward we went shopping for coffee grounds and milk. I managed to find free trade coffee on absolutely the last brand name there which I hadn't already checked. Life is good, even if I got the coffee into me a bit later than usual.

All of the family on Emily's side is sick. Grandmother has the flu, and when Steve began out he thought he was over it, but relapsed. I really hope we get to see Grandmother and Granddad before we leave. Andy mentioned today in the car that even though we're having Christmas at our new house this year that maybe we should try to visit Indy once or twice. My answer was that I'm hoping we, or at least he, visits a lot more often, even once a month.

Grandma is getting together with Erin and Owen tomorrow and is busy Tuesday, which leaves Monday and Wednesday. I'm still hoping we can maybe visit erish and spouse or yarnowl and spouse while we're here, pending either pair actually being at home. We should probably find out if they are/will be sooner rather than later since we go home on Thursday.
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