Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Here Safely

Wherein here is in Indiana. The plane flights were the exact opposite of the other day -- pretty much on time and no angst. Pamela has new job at a grocery store which carries wonderful spray mini-carnation bundles (ten stems for less than what I get five stems for in ABQ), but I decided the spider mums looked more festive and got them instead. I probably will not make a permanent switch, however, since I discovered that the mums are gorgeous in a bouquet, but look sort of scraggly individually.

Tom and Emily were there to meet us at the airport, and for dinner we had excellent roast beast, mashed potatoes, and carrots. Then afterward we got to try out their new grill/firepit thingy and made s'mores. They have the neatest skewers; actually telescoping tridents/pitchforks with wooden handles. They got them at Target, so I sense a pilgrimage thereto now that we have a grill at home.

I mentioned the other day that I was giving Mom and Emily substantively the same thing, but I didn't want to mention what since Emily reads my journal and didn't have hers yet. Today I fixed that, so the gift was/were mother's rings which I set myself. Mom got a seven-3.5mm-stone one all in a row; from left to right amethyst for Grandpa, emerald for Pamela, peridot for Grandma (hence the offer to make 3.5mm peridot jewelry after I had to buy a lot of 50), amethyst for Mom, aquamarine for Dave, sapphire for Andy, and amethyst for me. Emily's had seven-2.5mm-stones, with three in the middle in a diagonal and two on each side. From left to right it was peridot for Tom, sapphire for Erin, the middle three were CZ, garnet for Emily, and aquamarine for her parents, and flanking on the other side was sapphire for Andy and amethyst for me. As far as I can tell both moms liked theirs.

Today I discovered dichroic paperweights under halogen lamps. I seriously did not think I could ever see anything prettier than dichroic weights, but under halogen is even more stunning. Andy came over to look and said "We have got to get you a display case for those". I can't wait until we move to our house and can unpack the bulk of my collection. Luckily I have the three I've bought since moving and a few from the past few days to display until then.

I have no idea what we'll be doing the next few days, but I imagine I'll have plenty of time to make reports. I really miss Gail and Heidi. I wish the Foo cam could be run on Linux.
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