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Lootless Entry

This morning we got up and had store-tube cinnamon rolls and coffee (except for Andy). I gave mom her present, which she really seemed to like. I'll talk more about it after I've given a similar present to a recipient who might read this before I see him/her. Ooooh, I'm all mysterious and stuff.

Afterward we went over to visit Uncle Doug and Julie. CJ isn't yet old enough to understand about being up early on Christmas, per se, but he's still young enough to get up at, oh, 05:30. He had opened many of his presents and then went down for his nap. Fortunately I think I got enough pictures yesterday to tide me over until next time I see him. We talked to them for longer than we'd planned, but it was worth it.

On the way up to Syracuse we got some Chinese food from our favorite place. When we got there there was a slight issue with the ham; both meat thermometers steadfastly claimed that it was simply not heating up. Finally someone touched it, figured out that it was plenty hot, and they served it.

We got Pamela and Dave a very colorful and really really soft toy snake when we were at Ikea in Seattle. Although I think I know her, I always get nervous when I get things for my sister, and I've never had my fears realized. This time I was almost hoping she wouldn't like it so I could take it back.

Gail and Heidi loved it; the day we got back from Seattle we dropped the snake on the bed and went out to dinner. When we got back, Andy asked me "Why did you leave the snake at the foot of the stairs?" We still don't know which little darling did it, but they certainly snuggled up to it whenever they got a chance. The snake's name is Sam, which may be short for Samantha or Samuel -- the sneaky snake isn't saying.

Afterward Dave sent Pamela on a clue-hunt to get her last present, then she suggested we watch a movie. It was conveniently already in the VCR; she had something up her sleeve as well. The movie was called Pirates or The Pirate Story (I'm mixed up on which, since it seemed to use both titles at various points), and was a campy '80s takeoff on The Pirates of Penzance and every pirate movie ever made. Afterward we watched The Muppet Christmas Carol and I did laundry. Andy and I ate the wonton soup and I tried to get things packed to see if we'll have to ship. I'll know better after the laundry gets done.

I need to remember to bug them to take me somewhere to get flowers, either before or after we have breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants which doesn't exist in NM last I checked. I have a feeling the airline people are really going to need them tomorrow, especially if the 23rd is any indication. We're hopping one time zone over to Indiana. I'm actually grateful for that, since we'll then only jump back one time zone when we return to ABQ. Plus we'll get to see Andy's family. I have an agenda; to see his grandparents as much as possible. We may still yet also get to visit erish, who lives close enough to my Grandma that maybe we could swing by and see her as well.
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