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Yesterday I got caught up on laundry and packed. I didn't finish the album CD, though I might be able to get it done while here.

Today we got to the airport in time despite the best efforts of the people at Staples (actually, it was the presumably married couple taking up both of the shipping center's employees while trying to get something "perfect"). After they finally left we got some gifts shipped to Tom and Emily's, grabbed some breakfast, and got to the airport almost an hour early. By the time we checked in and got through security we had enough time to finish our drinks, then boarded.

The first flight went well, the people loved the flowers, and life was good. At Denver we caught a 777 which was going to O'Hare before flying to Paris. Memo to self: when flying on a 777, get a whole bouquet for just the flight crew alone. Egad there were a lot of them. Anyway, that flight got us there a little early, and all still seemed to be good. Andy and I walked to the puddle jumper area rather than taking the courtesy bus and got to see the pretty lights.

O'Hare was...interesting. Every flight was delayed, overbooked, and went through at least one gate change. Actually, our flight was the only one where they weren't desperately pleading for volunteers, though near the end Andy and I thought of doing so because my sister doesn't like staying up late, and the next flight out would have been tomorrow (this morning, actually, due to time zone shift, but I'm being picky) morning. Alas they didn't need volunteers for ours, so poor Pamela had to stay up until well after midnight her time after picking us up, feeding us, and taking Andy to a drug store for saline solution. When she checked the website for the flight it said it wasn't delayed, so she hadn't eaten yet either, and was afraid she'd burned her house down for how long the food was left in the oven.

On the other hand we're here, the house is still cool if painted in painful ways, and I have a nice warm bed with a nice warm hubby waiting for me. Happy holiday(s), whichever you celebrate, and I'll hopefully be able to check in between now and when we fly to Indy.
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