Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Last few days, RotK mention but no spoilers

Thursday was pretty much an average day; after a doctor's appointment I went to KC for about half an hour, then came home and noodled around.

On Friday we went out to Flying Star for lunch, then headed over to our meeting with Pam. We went over a lot of stuff; I asked her a question which stumped her, and Andy asked a question which stumped her so much that she called the pre-wire people and battled the system until she got someone who could talk with Andy. I think she was a bit surprised when we went into the tile/color room and the first thing we did was definitively point out which things we'd chosen (her words: I see you're going to make this easy for me"). After the meeting we walked over to the lot; they had since poured the cement and started putting up the basic shape wood; not walls or skeleton, but something which showed us just how small our back yard will really be.

We got home and I went to Kitty City early. They took the kitties home today after the adopt-a-thon and I wasn't going to be able to go to Clark's until way later, so I said my goodbyes and foozled the squeak out of most of them. Then I came home, got Andy, and we went to echoweaver and her husband's place to game. dnabre had access to a car, so we were able to game in their house. Much fun was had, and we all survived, by some miracle. I need to figure out a way to compensate for the fact that my character is smarter than I am.

Today I went and gave blood. I almost thought they weren't going to let me, but I did stress that I'm type II diabetes under control and not insulin dependent, which apparently was enough not to disqualify me. Afterward we rushed over to meet echoweaver and her husband and a group of their friends at a restaurant called Tucano's. It was really neat; sort of like dim sum but using small portions of meat, and a salad bar. Then, finally, we got to see RotK. In a word: wow. I'll probably say more about it in a future entry. After the movie about eight of us walked over to Cold Stone.

We finally parted, though we'll see echoweaver and her husband again on Monday; they'll be kitty-sitting for Gail and Heidi, and we have to give them the keys. After we got home we had dinner and I did some useful stuff. I had once again let myself fall behind in laundry, and I did a few loads. I'm also, after frustrating myself greatly by trying to think when I was too tired at Tanner's place, finally working on the album again. I think I have the hang of what needs to be done now, and as long as I don't let myself get mixed up again I may even be able to finish it by the time we leave.
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