Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Mostly KC and house stuff

Life has been happening. I still need to buckle down and work on the photo album/CD. The kitties are doing fine. Seven must have felt very insecure today, because she came right over and began sucking on my shirt immediately. Shakira has been very brave recently and comes over to be petted, and even tolerates Shadow. Shadow, meanwhile, is now coming when I call her. In other news, Butterscotch, Caramel, and Cocoa were sold and there are now three new ferrets. They're a bit too small to put into KC yet; adult cats will try to scruff them, which is fine for kittens but not for ferrets.

I got an e-mail from Centex today; they've set up a site which says what stage of building our house is in, and e-mails every time its updated. I think that's a really cool touch. Susan probably told us about it, but I'd forgotten so it was a neat surprise. I went to check the lot and talk to Susan yesterday and by sheer luck Pam was there. She said she doesn't mind if I call her Pamela and she'll even respond to "Hey you".

When I mentioned the cat6, Pam immediately made a note to call pre-wire. She said inspectors have made her personally yank wiring out of walls when it wasn't what they permitted for, and she wants to make sure it doesn't happen to us. Also, I don't know if I mentioned it in my journal when she told me, but Susan decided to buy the only Beethoven being built, and the house we almost went for until we discovered the Copland plan. Anyway, she had said she thought we would need about 300 yds of cat6 and Andy decided to be really safe and order 1000 yds. Susan said that if there's enough extra to do her house that she might buy the extra from us. Amusingly enough, this is all Andy's doing; she had never heard of cat6 before we came in and muddled the issue.

And, I may have finally shaken off the blood drive curse. Every time I have found out about one since I moved to ABQ, it has turned out that I would be out of town for it. Not prior commitments which might be broken, but somewhere which required a plane ride to get to in a finite amount of time. There is one this Saturday, though, and I've already made the appointment for it. Amusingly enough, directly after donating I'll be meeting echoweaver, her husband, and whichever of their friends have replied; eating lunch; then going to see RotK. I wonder if the blood loss will effect the movie in any way.
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