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I think there may be issues with out mailserver; I answered all mail I received on July 8th and have received nothing (save for spam at a much-slowed rate) since then. If you've sent me mail, I'm not ignoring you. This would happen just when I finally got up the nerve to list my first item.

The other day I made a peach cobbler using maltitol instead of sugar and a wheatless/gluten-free all-purpose flour. Andy thinks it turned out well; I'm a bit dubious about the flour. Maybe it's just because I read the ingredients list and know there's chickpea powder in it, but I definitely could taste a hint of them. I also think I should have added xanthan gum to it. My next attempt which will be midnight chocolate cake, which has enough other stuff that it should mask anything in the flour. If not, I guess I'll start experimenting -- I imagine Andy will be heartbroken to have to eat baked goods. I also found that the general purpose flour thickened white sauce much more than wheat flour; it was as if I'd added corn starch instead of flour or something.

Thena and Gail are busy playing "queen of the box" right now. I'm not sure who'll be more heartbroken when the box goes to the cardboard recycling center in the sky: the kitties or us. Thena really seems to have discovered her inner kitten these past few weeks -- she's been very playful and energetic, though she still has a long way to go to compete with Gail for the hyper title.

Not much else is going on. Andy's taking into account the fact that it's Friday night, so he's working on his thesis at home instead of in the office. He's already let me know he'll need to go in for several hours this weekend. I can't wait until this is all over and he no longer needs to push himself so hard. I'm mostly trying to get photos of stuff I'll be trying to sell in the future, chasing more leads on what originally caught my interest with regards to jewelry, and trying not to check any more than once every ten minutes to see if there are any bids yet. With any luck I (and eBay's server) will survive this.
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