Cat (willowisp) wrote,

As soon as Andy got up today I discovered that he'd received some discouraging news last night. SGI really needs someone who can start sooner, so they're giving priority to people who are available immediately. His former grandboss said she'll contact Andy closer to the date when he can start. I'm not sure if she'd be contacting him about new possibilities, or only if they can't find anyone qualified to take the position he'd been hoping for. Meanwhile he'll look into some other possibilities and finish his dissertation, neither of which is exactly a stress-free proposition. My job for the immediate future will be trying to keep everything else running as smoothly as possible so he can concentrate on getting through this.

The rest of the day has been a bit of a blur. We went to an appointment, came home, and Andy burned a filk CD as a surprise for Denny and Heather. As far as I can tell both albums on the tape he burned it from cannot be found and will never again be released, though if they are I'll buy legitimate copies immediately -- I had to leave off some songs from both to get the thing to fit onto the short tape I had at the time. Anyway, I also made a casserole to bring along -- it'll save them the trouble of cooking, and I was able to make it with safe ingredients. It's the one I've mentioned before which tastes much better on the second day, so it'll work out nicely.

I re-arranged some drawers and the closet today, mostly getting the bulky things out of the drawers and winter stuff like sweatshirts into the spare room. I also did standard chores and such. On my walk I saw the bunny on the second and last rounds -- the first time it actually figured out to run the opposite direction from the one I was walking. The second time it didn't run at all. Maybe I'll start bringing some greens along, though I'll probably refrain since intellectually I know it's a bad idea to tame wild animals too much. Tonight's walk was very hot, mostly due to the mugginess from the ten-drop rainfall we had earlier today.
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