Cat (willowisp) wrote,

First Real Update in a While

Things have been going pretty much neutrally for the past week or so. The kitties at the city are all fine, except for two who I think may kill each other if they remain quartered in close proximity to one another. If I find out which cat is shredding Owen (the Oreo kitten I mentioned a while back: someone brought him to Clark's after they saw a person toss him out of a moving car), I will skin it. Now the poor little guy is terrified of me because I'm always either holding him when Monica applies medication, or I'm applying it myself. Hmmm. I wonder if I could use the skinned cat's hide to give Owen a graft. Ahem. Anyway.

I stopped by our lot today; it's still empty and unmarred. I also stopped by to talk with Susan and find out how we should get the cat6 to the wiring folks. They've said they will happily put it in in place of cat5, but they have no NC distributors for cat6. She also said she'd find out how much we need so we don't get way too much (or, worse yet, not enough). She also gave me the contact name for our building supervisor: Pam. It is going to be very hard to use that name, since my sister Pamela will kill people if they use fewer than three syllables in pronouncing her name.

Anyway, Susan also said she wants to try to get us a meeting with Pam before Christmas, and she now has our travel schedule. Anyone out there who's built a Centex home from dirt -- does that meeting come before or after they break ground?

It penetrated the fog in my mind that perhaps I should pack, given that I'm getting on a plane in, um, scratch that. I should look for my itinerary first. I think if I ever get organized it will trigger the Apocalypse or something. All of the religious nuts can go back to sleep, though -- this is not something which will be happening any time soon.

Our poor digital camera is either very ill or possibly dead. For those just joining us, it was in perfect working order up until late August, when we took it on a plane trip to Chicago for two friends' elopement reception. I figure something must have happened to it while in transit, because when we got to Chicago it was dead. When we got home we went to Ritz camera to get a new battery just in case it was that (or the recharger), and it sort of started working again.

The "sort of" is because it developed this weird quirk: if we reseated the new battery several times, it would finally respond. I must've tried to reseat it three dozen times today before giving up. I have a feeling it's just something loose, so we'll take it to a camera repair shop when we get home. Myrtice recommended one, though she's not sure if they repair Canons. At least we still have our APS camera, which has never had any problems. I even have about half of a roll of film left. Of course, since kitties in the City are going to their foster homes on the 20th, there might not even be any more pictures to take unless they break ground on the house in the next two weeks.
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