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Yesterday I did three miles in just under 70 minutes. Today I finished in a heart-wrenching 60:00:31. Hopefully I can get it in 60 or under tomorrow, at which point my new goal will be a regular stride. My speed tends to range from 2.6mph to about 3.6mph and cycles during the few seconds when the electronic monitor does. My legs are not very happy about this at all, but hopefully I'm feeling the worst of it now.

Oddly enough on the first two days when I got off of the machine I could barely stand; my left knee buckled and then froze. It was sheer agony to move it for two or three minutes, and it took me ten minutes to be able to walk without a limp. Today I was able to limp from the minute I got off, so hopefully it was just an issue of getting used to the thing. My knee doesn't hurt during the exercise itself, just afterward.

Seven was back to her sweet shirt-sucking self today. I've begun wearing my PACA "uniform" again since I'm a lot less likely to become annoyed if she slurps on that. Seven was weaned too early and nurses on random clothing, for those just joining us. Her name is Seven due to a kink in her tail which looks like a "7" in profile. She's a very affectionate kitty, so having her hissing the first day and not wanting to be held on the second was disconcerting. My gorgeous sweet shy Shadow also let me pick her up and bring her by me, and then she let me pet her nearly the whole time. I'm hoping she'll get the idea that sitting near me is a Good Thing.

I came up with an amusing reason for Lyrilin's village disappearing the other day. It goes roughly as follows: The village was being overrun by rats. One day a guy showed up dressed in piebald clothes and said the rangers had let him through after seeing his special talent. One thing lead to another and soon he was playing a flute and dragging the rats out. When he returned he found out the payment was to let him live even though he'd seen the village. Enraged, he pulled out his flute and again played, causing all of the villagers to follow him while doing a Russian kick-dance. Hence all of the holes in the walls and broken windows and such.

I doubt Andy will use it.
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