Cat (willowisp) wrote,

We had rain today. The first time was a brief deluge when I was driving Andy to school. The second was a thunderstorm wherein I firmly believe there were more lightning flashes than actual raindrops. The third was steady and soft; so much so that I didn't realize it was raining until I got outside. I don't know how much time it'll buy Hillsborough in their countdown, if any at all, but it should be enough to green things up a bit.

I got Thena to the vet by 09:00, and I brought along some food for them to give her at 10:00. I got a call around ten saying that they'd pre-treated her for her shots and that her right ear was swollen, and would I mind if they took a closer look at the discharge. I gave them the go-ahead immediately -- I can't believe there are people out there who would not ok something like that. And what the heck, if nothing else it will fast-track me on Thena's deductible. Anyway, it appears to have been just a yeast buildup, so she was given an anti-inflammatory shot, and Andy and I need to make sure over the next few days that it's not bothering her. I have a feeling it just got a minor scratch or bite when Gail was playing a bit too roughly, as she sometimes does.

They also wanted to know if I wanted to use the usual three-year vaccine or if I wanted to switch to one which might reduce chances of injection-site sarcoma but only lasts for a year. I opted for the three-year plan, because they only think they've found what aggravates injection-site sarcoma, because it would mean giving Thena the shot annually and I feel bad enough doing distemper yearly, and because with all of the upheaval going on, one thing should be far enough into the future that it's a non-issue. Also, Gail got her three-year vaccination this year (they didn't ask me about the one-year type for her), so by opting for the three-year for Thena they both get their boosters the same year, which will be far easier to remember.

Thena, who is usually uncharacteristically vicious while at the vet (she's bitten at least two of them, including the one who treated her today the last time she saw her), was apparently well-behaved. The vet even mentioned how sweet and cute she was. Maybe her inner kitten isn't the only thing Gail is helping her reclaim; Thena has only been really bad about vets since we moved to NC; she was always good in Rome.

We're leaving on Saturday to see Denny and Heather. It's been way too long, between schedule clashes and such. I can't wait to see them again and meet their newest daughter. I'm still hoping Andy won't bring his laptop at all and will just relax since he nixed my idea for taking a week off right now. Maybe I'll see if I can get him to put away his work tomorrow evening and not look at it again until Monday, thus giving him two whole days in a row off.

Next weekend I'll be going to Rome to see Grandpa. I think between Denny and Heather, weddings, e-savers fares (which is how I got to go home to celebrate when we thought Grandpa was in remission), and visiting Grandpa that I've traveled more this year than in the prior years since we moved down here combined. Andy and I are fairly boring, though -- I remember one time when we went grocery shopping for some impulse item on a weeknight (maybe ice cream or something), I actually turned to him and said "this is the first time we've been out in ages". I wonder how many other couples would even consider a grocery run to be going out. Andy is also fond of saying that his idea of an exciting event is adding a second topping to the pizza.

I saw a tiny bunny twice on my walk tonight; the first two rounds. The second time was a bit silly -- it was running then pausing repeatedly while I walked steadily, and then after I passed it the rabbit dashed past me again as if I was still chasing. I wonder if it was channeling Gail.
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