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I slept in today, and when I got up Andy was gone. I worked on laundry and cleaning and also made myself two pairs of shorts (using pants which had stains) and decided to sort out the box where we keep exercise clothes. Most of Andy's shorts are being held together by shorts molecules, so we'll need to order a few new sets in the near future, or go to Sears. Sears sent a $10.00 off coupon today which applies to everything, including Land's End clothing and sales items. Sadly, in preparing to exercise, I broke my favorite measuring cup. Sniffle.

Andy came home while I was preparing to exercise. I started, and he queued up Final Fantasy X part II. I found that I went much faster once it started playing. I looked down at the display less often, but when I did look I was going up to or even greater than 1mph faster. The machine is the infomercial one I linked to a while back. I thought it was the younger sibling of an elliptical, but after my wonderful husband put another star on his guy badge by putting it together on Thanksgiving day we decided it was instead a sibling to the ghost of Nordic Tracks past.

The ride was very smooth and did not hurt my knees and ankles the way the Nordic Track did. It was silent at first and after a while developed a squeak on the left side, but even then it was way quieter than Nordic Tracks -- we didn't have to turn up the volume on the tv at all, which is good since I was exercising with the porch door open. It took me some 80 minutes to go three miles and in doing so I only burned about 174 calories, but I expected to suck after four months with virtually no exercise. My first goal will be to get three miles in an hour on the easiest setting. After that I'll see.

I do like the new exercise machine, though, and I'm glad we got it. The footprint is very small, even when counting the full stride of the rider; quite possibly a third or even a quarter that of the elliptical we plan to get after the house is ready and we've taken care of the down payment. It also folds up for storage and, though a bit unwieldy in doing so, pretty much gives us our living room back when not in use. Hopefully I'll get the hang of folding it up soon.

KC was ok. Seven was back, but she wasn't her old self. Hopefully it's just the shock of being back in the city and not a permanent personality change. The gorgeous Siamese cross who came in yesterday was already adopted, so I'll never get a picture of her. I did get a picture of a cat who was adopted but won't be picked up until tomorrow, and that of the other new adult. Supposedly a bunch of kittens will be coming in soon as well.

No breaking news in the grandparent department. At least with my family this means the news is good. We talked to Emily today and she said Granddad's feeding tube has relieved all of the pressure and is allowing him to get the nourishment he needs. They see the surgeon on Monday to find out if the tumor is operable.
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