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Yesterday I drove Andy to work, then went to my diabetes appointment. It went much better than I thought it would. Her main concern at the moment is getting me a day-to-day doctor. When I asked about FP versus GP she recommended instead an internal specialist, and gave me the name of the group she goes to (She is also type II, the first diabetes specialist I've seen who actually has diabetes) and assured me they're covered by insurance. I have an appointment again in three weeks to touch bases.

Afterward I did some errands. Every year Mom gets Andy and me Snowflake Teddies from Wal-Mart, and since we're so far away this year she just sent us a check and told me to get them when they came out, so I did. I also got wrapping paper, a top sekrit GM notebook for Andy, and some stuff to try to get myself more organized. Kitty City was quiet. I stayed up way too late working on the applesauce (if we ever become filthy rich I'll hire someone to peel and core apples for me), sweet potatoes, and stuffing. I usually wing it with the sweet potatoes, but I follow a recipe for the applesauce. Our cookbooks are currently in one of <mumble> boxes, so I had to do it from memory. I think I did pretty well. I also cleaned the heck out of the kitchen so I'd have workspace today.

When I got up Andy had written a sweet note on the board, plus emptied the dishwasher and put away the stuff I left in the drying rack and put the stove back together and washed the floor. We had ordered a fresh free-range turkey from Whole Foods which I picked up last night. I got more gravy from it than I usually get from normal grocery store turkeys which advertise pre-treatment for greater gravy production. Dinner was edible, and Andy talked to his Granddad and I talked to a good portion of my family, most of whom had descended upon Pamela's house.

We gave Gail and Heidi the traditional turkey we always give our kitties; in theory it's the only day they get people-food. Gail ate quite a bit, which surprised me. Heidi didn't finish hers, which really surprised me. Clark's was closed due to Turkey Day, but Monica mentioned last night that someone would be coming in to take care of the kitties in the city today.

This has been a turbulent year, but too many good things have happened to consider it an outright cursed year. I missed having Grandpa call up and gobble (or hoot, or cluck) at me or do some other funny thing like sing Happy Birthday or Christmas carols. I missed having Thena around to beg for turkey and thunderpurr when she got it. Andy says that the reason Gail and Heidi didn't beg was probably that Thena was having Thanksgiving dinner with Grandpa and would come by later to remind them that today they wouldn't get in trouble for snagging some turkey.

I had a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful that I got 32 years with Grandpa and 11 with Foo. I'm grateful and still sometimes stunned that I have a husband at all, let alone one as wonderful as callicrates. I'm very happy to have Gail, and that Heidi is a lap kitten. I'm thrilled that while Andy and I were watching the first disk of The Two Towers extended edition that Heidi came and sat in my lap and eventually Gail came over and sat between Andy and me. I'm amused at how I ended up getting a partial hand-washing as Gail and Heidi groomed each other, and how silly it was when Heidi fell off of the couch.

I have a great relationship with my in-laws, who are all really cool and talented; from Granddad's woodwork and Grandmother's gorgeous hand-painted greeting cards to Grandma's singing to Emily and Erin's quilts to Tom's woodworking. My maternal family has come together somewhat since Grandpa got sick, and I'm glad to see them having reunions and such.

I also have a bunch of awesome friends. Many are on livejournal, some are strictly RL, and a few have LJs but never update. I think I'll spend some time in the vaguely near future writing odes to them, but since Andy wants me in bed before 03:00, suffice to say that I adore you all to bits and am so happy that you consider me a friend.

I'm very happy that even though Andy and I were technically homeless in July (our lease in NC ended two days before our lease in NM began) that we weren't actually without a place to stay, even if most of it was in a car. I'm happy that our current place is so nice, even if we have about half of our stuff boxed and out of the way. I'm ecstatic that we have a very large^Hsmall tract of land which is someday going to contain a very nice box we'll call home.

I have a few hopes as well. I hope Granddad has the operable kind of cancer, even if that's somewhat of a remote hope right now. I hope that if he does end up needing chemo and radiation that it's not as hard on him as it was on Grandpa. I hope no one I care for ever again suffers like Grandpa did. I hope Andy's Grandma turns out to have the localized cancer they think she does, and that at most she'll need a very short run of chemo or radiation. I hope that my Grandma Shad has no complications in her heart surgery and is around for a long time. I hope Mary (Grandpa's wife) is happy surrounded by family as she is, even if some members of my family neglect her more than I will. I hope that Andy's Grandmother's new hip continues to work smoothly.

I have a few political hopes as well, but given how much vitriol surrounds them, I suppose it's something I shouldn't write about here. Right now I'm grateful for the nice cozy bed which is calling me, and the wonderful husband waiting for me there.
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