Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The best laid plans...

So, I was going to leave KC, run by the grocery store to grab stuff for tonight's dinner, then sit and write up a post about the ultra-cool campaign I may've gotten myself into. Three minutes before Clark's closed one of the employees came up and knocked on the window. They often do this so I can pack up before the lights go out. This time she saw me starting to pack up and came in and said "I wasn't trying to kick you out -- there's a girl out front with a cat".

A while back Monica said they were no longer accepting new cats, and Myrtice had said something similar recently. I went up front anyway. The girl standing there had a huge poofy orange cat named Mugatu. She had just been evicted from her apartment and didn't want the cat out on the streets. As it was he had apparently already been in a fight. Not having any idea what to do I called Myrtice. We determined that he has not been fixed because he had a heart murmur and the vet didn't want to put him under. The girl had no vet/shot records, but Mugatu did have a rabies tag from 2002. Myrtice said to put him in the spare cage and she'd figure out what to do tomorrow.

I asked the girl to give us her name and number in case she found a place and wanted the cat back. Meanwhile I put him in the cage and gave him some clean water, which he started in on immediately. I dumped a 5.5oz can of food on some paper plates and put them in (he started eating even before I had put the plate down), then went into the city to find a dish and pile dry food in. By the time I got back out he had inhaled most of the canned food; I won't be surprised if he ends up getting sick given how quickly he ate. When I left he was intent upon getting some of the dry kibble into him as well.

Do note that the cat looks to be fairly healthy. He looks like he was given plenty of food at some point recently, and his fur is thick and soft. Aside from the scratches and a bit of scruffiness, he looks like a well cared-for cat. Anyway, she wrote down her name and number and then dashed off, and then I had to get the cage as set up as I could since the employees wanted to go home. As I was getting into the car I realized that in all of the fuss to try to get Mugatu settled in I'd never asked the girl if she actually had a place to go.

I got home fairly late after shopping and dinner happened at 21:30; I feel really guilty since Andy has said before that eating that late gives him problems. I did make dinner as quickly as I could and he said it tasted fine. While dinner was in its several stages I called Monica and apprised her of the situation. I tried calling Myrtice first, but her phone had a "Please call Monica or the dog person" and no way to leave a message.

I also tried calling the number the girl left twice, but as far as I can tell someone picked it up and put it in front of a radio or something. No one actually ever spoke to me, that or they didn't speak loudly enough to overcome the rap. Of course I'm not sure what I would have done if she'd answered and said she was out in the streets somewhere, but, well, I guess I just hope she's ok. I was kicked out of my house once and it was awful, though luckily my mom liked Thena enough that I didn't have to worry about her as well.
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