Cat (willowisp) wrote,

It was my turn to see a doctor or two today. After a routine forty-five minute wait we had a relatively painless talk. Since the new sleeping med he put me on last time is working he decided to change nothing, and the attending physician agreed (this is the university hospital, so most of the patient stuff is done via residents). At least I don't need any new medications -- this adding a new one every time was getting very old. I also don't have to go back for three months unless we move.

We had some rain today; not very much (Hillsborough may be able to add a few seconds onto their countdown to having no water left), but at least some. I've been noticing (but forgetting to journalize) recently that leaves are beginning to change and even to fall. I suspect that it has something to do with the drought -- there certainly hasn't been any freak cold weather to otherwise confuse them, and leaves usually don't begin changing until late October or early November. At any rate, the little bit we had today may keep the grass from turning any browner, but if it is the drought causing the trees to lose leaves then today's meager amount won't be reversing any damage.

GNO for this week was held tonight at our place. Tanner had gotten his hands on the Cowboy Bebop movie, so we watched the first hour or so. I'm definitely looking forward to next week's GNO, and I hope it won't turn out to be the case that everyone can't agree on a night, as has happened more often that not recently.

Since the rain cooled things down I took my walk at the time I'd originally designated as the usual one. The temperature hasn't dropped appreciably since then, so the decision was a good one. I saw Cornelius sitting on the railing of the porch whose latticework he was scaling last time I saw him, which makes me think I was correct in guessing that the attached apartment is his center of operation. I only saw him on round one tonight.

Tomorrow I have to get up early to take Thena to the vet. She's due for annual inoculations plus her three-year rabies booster. In the past few years she's had allergic reactions to one of the shots, so the vet will be keeping her most of the day. I hope I don't worry too much while she's away -- I hate leaving the kitties at that place when I can't be with them.
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