Cat (willowisp) wrote,

At leat it's not a meme

I'm trying to remember what I did yesterday, aside from the music meme. I got all of the day-to-day stuff done including dishes, volunteering, and laundry. I guess that's about all, really.

Today I got all of my day-to-day stuff done except the kitty fountain, which Andy did for me (Thank you love! I bet you thought I didn't notice -- I just wanted to thank you in public). I got a call from Monica today. I'm not sure why, but Kitty City is now in full lockdown mode; pet store employees can no longer allow members of the public in when we're not there. I am now apparently vital to PACA since I socialize the kitties and allow people in to interact with them. It feels neat to be considered vital, though Andy says it gets old. But heck, I get to be vital for petting kitties and doing crosswords -- I think it'll be hard to burn out on it.

Speaking of KC, it was very interesting today. There are a bunch of new kittens, two of them semi-feral. One of the two semi-ferals really nailed my left palm. Luckily he didn't get very deep, but it did draw blood and he managed to nail the layer which hurts far more than the actual wound warrants. I can't wait until the next time I have to handle salt or lemons; even the sweat from my hand stings. The kittens are all cute, though, and I hope once they get used to KC we can have some fun, especially since the ferret (Cocoa) loves playing tag.

After dinner Andy asked what was on my list, and a thought popped into my head: he's never seen Little Shop of Horrors. So, I asked if he wanted to to an impromptu movie night and he agreed. I think he really liked it. We also had our first fire in the fireplace (for those concerned ABQ types, I did call the no-burn line first to make sure it was ok). And I, the person born in the great white north, the fireplace expert... forgot to check the flue. Oops. Well, at least we know that neither of us could possibly sleep through our smoke alarm.

I've heard no new news from Andy's Grandma (whom I believe is still on her singing tour in Italy) and Granddad, but I did get news about Grandma Shad. They are trying to make up their minds on when to schedule her for heart surgery. That's about all the information I have; it was forwarded by Mom after she heard from a friend of Grandma's. I hope they have an idea of what they want to find/fix.
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