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First and foremost, everyone please send prayers/good thoughts/etc to callicrates' Granddad. They've found a tumor which may signify cancer of the pancreas.

So Andy got up at the normal time but decided to work from home since my appointment was at 09:00. He hugged me and said he'd get me up closer to appointment time, but he thought it was actually 10:00. Luckily I looked at the clock at 08:30, got up, wrangled my hair into place, got dressed, and got to the appointment on time. Except that I was off by everything except the time. The desk person said the appointment was Wednesday the 26th.

Now, usually I would just blame my trick short-term memory (More on that, possibly, in a few months), but this time I had written it down while I was on the phone making the appointment, and this time what I wrote down matched what I remembered; I had even written down day and date. Often when I write things down I clearly remember being told something else completely different, as in I have a movie-like sense of what was said, and only the fact that I wrote it down correctly saves me.

This is the first time I have ever remembered something, written it down, and been wrong in both the memory and writing. Heck, even the directions I wrote down at the very same time were correct. Andy's and my guess is that they rescheduled and forgot to call. That or Feng Shui the RPG is real and I stumbled into a netherpoint and then someone went and changed history on me. Occam's razor, anyone?

After the appointment which didn't occur I went home and back to sleep. When I got up we went to our lot to take pictures. It almost looked as if they were already breaking ground, but we later determined they were laying wire for the house next door. They've also begun digging up the parking lot for the model/office, which is, I believe, the last lot left. The one with the Beethoven hasn't been started and a few of the houses in various stages of building (as well as the model) are still available, but ours will be one of the last houses finished, I think. This is fine with me; it means we won't have to listen to the construction going on.

We went to a store and got a scanner, but the people gave us the wrong one. This one doesn't show up as being supported by Sane, though it's not listed as being completely unsupported, so there's hope. For now we may just hook it up to a windoze machine so I can scan in my photo album miscellany, and offline pictures of Thena and Gail will have to wait until we figure out how to make it talk nicely with Linux. Although I have taken some pictures of Heidi with our APS camera, I've not yet developed the film, so there are no extent hard copies of Heidi-pictures yet.

At Flying Star we got the last two fish and chips before they sold out. They're not North Sea (London) or Arthur Treacher's, but they're still really good. Then we headed over to Active Imagination, a gaming store. I will be going there many times to read all of the bumper stickers. We got a bumper sticker for erish and some AD&D character sheets in case we actually find a party/game to join, and Andy got a Fluxx deck. That we escaped the gaming store of doom without having blown our house's down payment is a testimony to how much we like the house.
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