Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Another possible elliptical alternative

Today my big project, a complete surprise for callicrates, was moving boxes around in the living room so that our fireplace is now exposed. Since I didn't want it to feel too exposed I stopped by Lowe's on the way home and picked up a screen and some implements. I also got some logs, enough fatwood hopefully to last us the winter, and an ash bucket. If we manage to melt this ash bucket, then we have bigger problems to worry about.

We had decided previously to get one of the top of the line ellipticals and hope we had made enough friends in ABQ by the time we move that they would help us move even that. The rowing machine idea which I'd mentioned briefly was nixed. As I looked at the new strip of room in the living room I had serious doubts as to whether the elliptical would even fit.

Today I may have found another potential solution. It's an infomercial product (though I didn't find it through the infomercial, and based on several people's comments I am very lucky for this small mercy) which has received surprisingly good reviews on epinions. It appears to be an elliptical trainer's younger sibling and, although it costs more than we had wanted to spend and we can't exactly go to a store and test it out, it does come with a 60-day trial for a very low sum of money and free shipping. After 30 days they begin four to eight interest-free billings of fairly painless amounts. If we return it within 60 days we get a complete refund of the initial payment as well as of the first month's installment, if it's already been paid.

The other good thing(s) are that it is nicely foldable so it doesn't leave a huge footprint, and it's a heck of a lot lighter than an elliptical. So, if the house payment and new furniture and whatever other costs make it impossible to get a new elliptical from the get-go, we'll have this one to fall back on (hopefully not literally).

For those interested, here is the URL:

Who the heck is Tony Little, anyway? He apparently hawks this thing, and he was listed by several reviewers as the sole con.

Nothing has been decided yet. I imagine tomorrow after my diabetes appointment there will be some decision, especially if it goes as badly as I expect it to.
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