Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Stuff happened; I know it did...

Hmmmmm. Ok, I caught up on laundry, if people are willing to consider the one load left in the washer as caught up. I also (once again) cleaned the kitchen and the nook. I also did some other random stuff, one point of which I'll probably be posting in my jewelry-only journal. Oh, and I got some pictures of what fall foliage we have, as well as some attempts to capture the clouds descending down the mountains.

Today was overcast early on, then a fairly steady drizzle began. It was also chilly outside, so I almost felt like I was back on the coast. On the way home from KC it was raining and cold and foggy -- I had forgotten what fog looked like. It's still raining now, which I imagine is making a lot of people (and plants) happy.
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