Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Scanners and such

Although I did get some laundry and such done, I spent most of today researching scanners. I found a short list which had the features we need in the price range we can live with. First I got a list of Linux/Sane-compatibles, then began looking them up on epinions both for reviews and for their nifty price check feature. At that point I had to go to two appointments and then directly to Kitty City, so I left Andy with my notepad (a paper one, no less) and the URL for epinions.

When I got home he mentioned that he'd picked one not on my list, and it turned out to be the only Epson one which absolutely does not work with Sane and which they never intend to make work with it. Then he went to Sane's site and found an Epson which is in second-phase testing and has worked so far (I only wrote down those with a complete green light), which is in-stock at a local store, and which might well cost less than I would have had to pay to do all of the scanning at Kinko's.

Although I technically didn't touch the album except to move it around, I figure that finding a scanner was album-related enough to justify a whole day's effort. I'm not sure when we'll actually get the scanner, but once we do I'll really be able to begin doing stuff with the arrangement(s).
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