Cat (willowisp) wrote,

Buzzzz said the busy bee

Today I got several loads of clothes done, getting me closer to what seems to be the mythical notion of catching up on the laundry. I also cleaned the kitchen, the nook, and the couch enough so that noticed. I cleaned out the litterboxes and checked the fountain water levels, and I found out why one doctor had called me and made an appointment for a diabetes check-up.

Andy and I revisited our thoughts about the rowing machine and decided to give it a miss. I really wish our neighborhood were more amenable (read that as: at all) to walking, since it's hard to figure out how to afford a multi-thousand dollar machine while saving up for a down payment. I wonder how much exercise I could get chasing Heidi around...

When I made the photo album for Grandpa, I told all of my relatives that I would make a CD from the pictures and give it to them in exchange for them giving up their photos. I had planned on devoting a month or two much earlier in the year (May or June), but then the whole job/move/etc thing swept me up. I decided over the weekend that it was very much time to begin, so that's what I spent most of my day doing.

My first job, which took the whole day (outside of chores) and an hour and a half of Kitty City time, was to look through the album and figure out which pictures were not scanned in. We had scanned several of Uncle Doug's and all of Sandy's at some point, but they disappeared into the ether. There were also a few mom decided to give me after I had scanned in the first lot and gotten prints of them, so those she gave me afterward didn't make it into the Spundreams gallery.

Uncle Rich had borrowed the album for some reason, and had removed a bunch of the pictures. I'm pretty sure that most of them are there, but two are missing. One isn't much of a problem since I took it and I can download it to CD and ask the nice people at Ritz to print me out another copy. The other one is more distressing, though: it was one Uncle Doug gave me after I'd scanned and made copies, so it's technically the only extent copy. It was of Grandpa water-skiing. Now, I believe they made a few copies of it at Grandpa's funeral to hang on the memories pegboard, and if so I might be able to ask Kim or Pamela and maybe they'll have a copy. I'd still rather track down the original if I can.

There are enough photos which need scanning in that Andy thinks it might cost more to rent time at Kinko's than it would to just buy a scanner. My assignment, should I choose to accept it, is to discover which scanners are Linux-compatible, by design or by cheats. If anyone has any recommendations for a cheap ($100 or less) scanner with Linux ability and good image quality, please let me know.

While we're deciding whether to go the Kinko's or the "just buy one" route I plan on working on figuring out how to arrange the pictures. The more methods for finding which I can use the better. I already plan on grouping them by any person appearing in the picture, years where they're available, decades (or guesses) where exact dates aren't, and by occasion. There will be a whole section for Grandma standing outside in her military/nurse outfits.

I also got a label-designing kit a while back, and I'll probably start playing around with that. When Uncle Rich put together the koledy CD, he put a picture of Grandma when she was young and a dedication to her. I figure I'll parallel it with Grandpa for the photo album.

Finally, before Grandpa died I gave him a tape recorder and some tapes and asked him to record whatever -- his history, stories, Polish lessons, anything. He began recording that night, but a while later got a bit confused and somehow ended up erasing the tape. Before he died he also left some messages on mom's and Pamela's answering machines, so we decided to use the tape to record those snippets of his voice. In doing so we found out that he'd erased the tape, but he had taped over it with a conversation with mom and Mary about a pie, so we have that snippet. Mom and Pamela taped their messages (Grandpa saying "Hi Babe" to mom and "Merry Christmas" to Pamela) just in time. The next day mom lost power and all of her messages.

I'm also hoping to put some Polkas onto the CD. We thought all of the albums had been thrown out, but it turned out that Grandpa had asked Uncle Doug to make him a tape before they were tossed. It has most of our favorite Polkas on it, so I think it would make a wonderful addition. Now I just need to get the tape(s) from my sister. I don't want them to send me the originals in case something happens in transit, so I'll have to hope she can find some new batteries for the tape player, transfer the voices (taped at two different speeds) to a second tape, and also make me a copy of the Polkas. I think I won't have a problem keeping myself busy for a while.
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