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Today Los Candelarias, a Centex development we had checked out for this floor plan, aka the Beethoven at Symphony. Lesa, the salesperson there, was really nice and put into motion the whole wedding Centex NM with RWE. Apparently buying a house, even in a nearly-finished neighborhood like Symphony, is fairly big news in the Centex family. Lesa knew we had bought a house in Symphony, and a person we had never met came up and congratulated us. It turns out she was in marketing for Centex. Someone must have pointed us out to her.

I had come up with Yet Another Theory (TM) last night while reading the owner's manual I received. Realtors get 3% of the price of the house as their fee, and I theorized that they are listed as the realtor and give the 3% to the resident. The marketing person noted that this is, indeed, how it works, and that Centex NM plans to join RWE in the immediate future.

We did get to walk through a very basic Beethoven/550; so basic that it doesn't even have its second flight of stairs yet. We were able to get a pretty good idea of how it will look, though. We went to see Susan a little while later and didn't ask her to tear up the contract on the Copland and make us one for a Beethoven instead.

It was a good thing we went to see Susan. She had some news and a minor change for our contract. The change doesn't effect the cost of the house, but it does deal with a technicality. The RWE people had told Susan's boss that the way it works is that the resident gets up to 3% and Equity gets 1%. They rather huffily told Susan that residents rarely get the whole 3%, which makes sense to me. Unfortunately for Equity, Andy's RWE share alone was $20.00 or so short of the 3%, and my share put us so far over 3% that, well, I wish there wasn't a cap. Anyway, the boss and Susan decided to give us 3% flat off the total house price but not via RWE, and we had to sign an amended sales contract which didn't include RWE as the reason for discount.

The other news was that we are very special. Usually once the contract is turned in the buyers can make absolutely no changes without incurring a penalty. We had tentatively included a wiring package for networking, but Andy needs to ask some technical questions about it which baffled every salesperson to whom he spoke. He was supposed to get a call from one of their field engineers on Friday but it never came. Susan, meanwhile, wants to get things moving so submitted the contract, then convinced her boss that it wouldn't be fair to penalize us since we technically don't know if what we're getting is what we want. Her boss made the only exception to this particular rule that Susan has ever seen, pending Andy's talk with the field engineer.

We took the scenic route home just to see where Rio Grande Blvd goes. We saw some pretty impressive houses, including a few with weeping willows. I can't imagine the water they must have to use to keep those things alive. The one Grandpa's former next-door neighbor had would burrow its roots into Grandpa's septic tank when it wasn't getting enough water, and this is in sodden Rome, New York. Anyway, Andy estimates the houses on that street would sell for something in the millions. It was a pretty drive with lots of leaf-change trees.

He brought up the question of what to do about an elliptical. If we get a nice one like his parents have, it will be a bear to move and set up again. Cheaper ellipticals which would probably last the seven months or so between now and when we move cost about $400, which is a lot for just that amount of time, diabetes notwithstanding. I wondered aloud if they still sell rowing machines, and the net result is that after dinner and Kitty City I did some research and came up with a rowing machine which sells for under $200 (including shipping), uses air resistance instead of piston, and has received good-excellent reviews. It's small as it is, but also folds in half for storage, and could easily make the move with us if we wanted. I seriously doubt "Too many exercise machines" would be a problem for us. We haven't ordered it yet, but we're considering it.

Kity City was much better tonight. Bosco went home (Yay!), which I think made the most difference. Champagne (a brown classic tabby) and Faye (a gorgeous tortie) were out of their carriers. Faye stayed up on one of the shelves the whole time, and Champagne stayed on a lower one where I could pet her. She was happy enough with me but still hissed at other cats. Isis, a pure white sweetie, sat in my lap for a while, Unfortunately she also hissed when other cats approached, and took some swipes at the kittens, at which point I set her on the floor. Then the kittens (Shadow and Tiger) had a slumber party on my lap. They got up to play later and Isis came back.
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