Cat (willowisp) wrote,

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Who needed sleep tonight, anyway?

Outside on our porch is a small Glad(TM) lidded semi-disposable plastic food container. On top of that is the thingy Andy uses to hold charcoal for the grill until it's warmed up. Inside of that is a large, heavy, ceramic mug.

Inside of the container is a large (maybe half an inch) spider. It is shiny black in color, and on its stomach are what may be two or three red stripes, or what may be an hourglass. The spider was in our downstairs powder room. I want it identified, and I'm going to discuss the policy on exterminators (specifically, is there one) with Toby tomorrow.

At least if the spider escapes it's outside, and no longer where a curious kitty might find it and perhaps try to play with it. Or where an unsuspecting bleary-eyed person might accidentally step on or near it.
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