Cat (willowisp) wrote,

The House of Cthulu, ferrets, and other such

Today as we were driving to an appointment way out west we passed one of the many sprawl-like neighborhoods. One of the houses had a rounded porch with pillars, except they weren't the standard Corinthian/Doric/Ionic. Instead they were twisty, like twirly noodles. From afar they looked like they were moving tentacles, which is why the house is now called "The House of Cthulu".

For those of you with paid accounts who like ferrets (Hi, Eric!), check out this link for some ferret mood icons.

There are two new ferrets by Kitty City. They're probably large enough to play around safely, but given that we have two escape artists and several kittens in the city at the moment, I haven't yet brought the critters in to play. Today I stopped to say "Hi" and discovered that one is a mean biter. If those are play bites, I don't want to see its real version, especially since it's about as aggressive as I've seen a ferret be. The other one is sweet, though, and only nibbles.

Today, while in KC, I had a little orange guy named Tiger on my lap, his all-black brother Shadow in the crook of my arm (never try doing crosswords with a kitten in the crook of your arm), and Lara and Captain sitting on the big cushion I lean on. I have a feeling people looking in thought I was a Cat tree.

This morning I noticed new neighbors moving next door. They were carrying in a couch so like ours that I almost went into our living room to make sure our sofa was still there.
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